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Blue Lake Elementary hosts cross-country meet

first_imgDozens of elementary-aged children took part in a county-wide cross-country meet a Perigot Park in Blue Lake on Thursday. The kids competed in three different divisions, kindergarten to second grade, third through fifth grade and sixth through eighth grade. The fastest boy was 8th grader Brandon Bento-Jackson from Pacific Union Elementary and the fastest girl was eighth grader Ai-lan McGoldrick from Jacoby Creek.last_img

Materialists Shoot Themselves in the Foot

first_imgIn science, it’s never wise to propose a self-refuting theory.The first two of three news stories give us practice in detecting self-refuting theories.  The third, the harder one, is for extra credit.Irrationality:  Everyone knows people who are crazy, but most of us pride ourselves in our ability to think clearly, employing reason and evidence.  Where did that ability to come from?  PhysOrg says, “Natural selection can favor irrational behavior.”  But if that is true, nobody could know rationality from irrationality without appealing to standards outside of evolution.  And if evolution (a mindless, irrational process) actually favors irrationality, then everybody is crazy – including the scientist who argues that natural selection can favor irrational behavior.Religion: Science Daily offered to explain how religion evolved.   Since religious belief is such a global phenomenon, “This has led scientists to speculate that there must be a biological basis for the evolution of religion in human societies,” Gopikrishna Deshpande of Auburn University thought, apparently assuming that if it’s biological, it’s not rational (since the product of unguided natural processes cannot be rational).  With that thought in his brain, he went looking for religious biology with functional MRI in other people’s brains.  What he didn’t see is the bullet hole in his own foot.  Since evolutionary beliefs are just as global as religious beliefs, there must be a biological basis for that, too – meaning his own belief is irrational, because it evolved by the same unguided processes.Consciousness:  A materialist claims to have solved “the hard problem” of consciousness (for explanation, see Michael Egnor and David Chalmers in Evolution News & Views).  Basically, it’s the question of how our subjective experience of the world arises from the physical brain.  If one can believe a news feature from Princeton, psychology professor Michael Graziano – a materialist – has solved it with a new theory.  In order to demystify any “magic” in the brain, his trick was to turn the question around:“The question has always been how does a brain produce the inner ‘magic.’ What we’re asking is, ‘How does the brain attribute magic to itself,’ and that’s a fundamentally different way to frame the question,” he said.“Every past theory of consciousness has a gap. Even the most modern theories at some point just point to a circuit and say, ‘And then awareness appears.’ But understanding where the magic comes from is pointless,” Graziano continued. “The phenomenon that scientists can say with certainty happens is that the brain attributes the ‘magic’ to itself. We can understand how that happens and the computations behind it. And that’s what this theory attempts to do.”The article proceeds to congratulate Graziano for “demystifying” consciousness and showing it to be just a creation of the brain.  No longer requiring an “unseen force,” consciousness can now be viewed as a physical consequence of neurobiology.  But can it?  Who is doing the viewing?  More on that later, but first, Aaron Schurger (Switzerland) tries to explain what Graziano’s “attention schema theory” tries to do:“The only thing for science to explain about consciousness is not, ‘Why is there something more inside of us, apart from just input, processing and output,’ but rather, ‘Why do we insist that there is something more inside of us,’” he said. “The answer given by Michael’s theory is that this is the way the brain describes the process of attention happening inside the brain itself. Even if the phenomenon being described is real, the description does not have to be real.”Since we attribute awareness to others, Graziano feels, we must be attributing it to ourselves as well.  Critics of his theory, he explains with some frustration, just don’t get what he’s trying to say:“People say, ‘Great, you’ve explained how brains claim to have magic inside them, but you haven’t explained the actual magic.’ That’s almost impossible to get people to see from the opposite perspective,” he said. “Ninety percent of the pushback comes from that belief in magic. It’s really almost like an ideological difference.“But perhaps they perceive more than he admits.  Graziano seems to be standing outside of his brain looking at it and other people’s brains from a privileged platform.  By appealing to explanation, he becomes the explainer, someone applying immaterial laws of logic.  In essence, he acts as an disembodied intelligent agent passing judgment: he judges that it is illogical to “insist that there is something more”.   But to make a judgment or to propose any theory is to appeal to the conceptual realm beyond the physical.His theory, therefore, becomes self-refuting: he needs to employ magic to claim there is no magic there.  Graziano realizes his theory may have an Achilles heel:“There are two questions to ask about this theory: First, does it provide an actual explanation, or does it just appeal to magic like so many other theories? And second, is it correct? The answer to the first question is yes,” he said. “As for the second, that’s up in the air. I’m very encouraged by it, but one never knows, I suppose.“One can rightly ask, who is doing the supposing?  Who is judging the theory to be provide an actual explanation?  Is that not a conflict of interest?  (If so, it tosses morality into the muddle.)  And if no one can ever know if his theory is correct, what differentiates his “explanation” from gobbledygook?If you practice the art of detecting self-refuting propositions, you can watch much of evolutionary theory evaporate.  Darwinists don’t realize that they suffer from a serious mental disorder known as the Yoda Complex (look it up in the Darwin Dictionary).  They pretend to be rational creatures, not evolved ones.  But the moment they try to argue that Darwinism is true, they shoot their feet.  Why?  One cannot get knowledge (a justified true belief) from causes that are, at their base, irrational.  G.K. Chesterson, Arthur Balfour, and C.S. Lewis understood this (also, more recently Alvin Plantinga has applied more rigor to the argument).  Learn more about this in Discovery Institute’s 2012 book, The Magician’s Twin: C.S. Lewis on Science, Scientism and Society. See more examples of the self-referential fallacy or self-refuting fallacy in our Baloney Detector.In his lectures, philosopher of science J.P. Moreland has elaborated on why one must avoid self-refuting propositions: they are necessarily wrong, he says: no amount of new information or evidence will ever make them right.  They are false, and they will always be false.  To find someone guilty of a self-refuting position, therefore, is to disarm them of making any truth claims.  Once that is done, it becomes superfluous to quibble about details; their “truth” claims are false claims, not worth pursuing further.Why do smart people keep committing this fallacy?  Evolutionists like Michael Graziano and the others we critique here are not stupid.  Don’t they see how they box themselves into absurdity with their evolutionary explanations?  Perhaps so, but perhaps not.  I believe it is because they are so committed to their evolutionary ideology, it blinds them to their fallacies.  They want so much to rid all science of the “supernatural,” the “magic” as Graziano puts it.  They feel they are doing mankind a favor by resolutely pursuing the Enlightenment ideal of “demystifying” nature.  Out must go all appeals to gods, angels, demons, spirits, and “unseen forces.”  What gets tossed out with it, they fail to notice, is their own spirit.  They gain the whole material universe and lose their own soul.But–and here’s the rub–if you lose your soul, you reduce yourself to matter.  The only tools at your disposal are unguided, aimless, irrational causes.  So out goes your claim to explain things scientifically.  You become an absurd, emergent thing wandering between a bang and a heat death.  The price of demystifying the universe is intellectual suicide.  Think about that when the next rabid creationist-hating Darwin doberman comes barking.  We get them here sometimes.  With righteous fury, they deny righteousness; standing haughtily on the pillar of rationality, they plant it in the air.Only the Biblical worldview provides the grounds for justified true belief.  Starting with God, who is rational and the source of all rationality, who is also good, and therefore trustworthy, we can anchor our explanations in the rational.  Our knowledge may never be exhaustive, but it can be genuine.  We can appeal to rationality and the laws of logic, because they are justified as real in the nature of God.  No other world view provides that anchor.Deep down, the evolutionists know better.  It’s obvious, Paul wrote in Romans 1:18-22.  By suppressing the truth (that is evidence in creation), they choose to become fools.  (See sophoxymoroniac in the Darwin Dictionary.)Exercise: Listing major world religions, find which ones purport to be rational.  Of those, which are not self-refuting?  (Hint: Greg Bahnsen is helpful on this.)  Example: when a Hindu says, “All is Maya, illusion” he cannot exempt Hinduism from being an illusion, too.  But if Hinduism is an illusion, it is necessarily false: all is not illusion – the statement refutes itself.Resource:  Dr. Jason Lisle’s talk, “The Ultimate Proof of Creation,” on YouTube, borrowing from Greg Bahnsen’s apologetics and Romans 1, explains worldview presuppositions and which ones provide knowledge. 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Joburg’s Rissik Street Post Office revamp

first_img22 April 2016Destroyed in a fire in November 2009, Joburg’s historic Rissik Street Post Office is being restored to its previous glory. The iconic building is one of the city’s heritage sites.“The Rissik Street Post Office building was severely vandalised and damaged by fire, therefore a significant danger exists of further deterioration of this heritage structure,” Helen Botes, the chief executive of Joburg Property Company (JPC), told The Star newspaper.“The frontage has always been Rissik Street but we want to have a more exciting and contemporary-style entrance,” Botes added.It was currently being partially renovated to ensure the structural integrity of the building and to enable interim use while funding was being sought for comprehensive restoration. “Long-term plans include the full restoration of the building and the securing of a long-term public use agreement.” Helen Botes, chief executive of JPC says they want a more contemporary entrance for the Rissik Street post office, currently being refurbished. (Image: Gauteng Film Commission, Brand South Africa)The renovation is estimated to cost R147-million and begins with the excavations for the columns. There’ll also be a structural active scan which includes radar scanning, exposures for the bases and repairs to the core extraction, and the procurement of the required steel, which has been fabricated in line with the designs.The post office’s main hall and north wing will be refurbished for flexible use, while the rest is being finalised. The area will also be made safe and cordoned off to ensure the public cannot enter the building.Long-term, the plan includes a complete heritage restoration, completed in line with heritage guidelines, regulations and public meetings provided by the Gauteng Provincial Heritage Resources Authority.Built in 1897, at one stage the Rissik Street Post Office was Joburg’s tallest building at 102 metres. “It operated until it was vacated by the South African Post Office in 1996. Characterised by its bold mix of architectural styles, the building was proclaimed a national monument in 1978.”Joburgers tweeted their delight at seeing signs of refurbishment:The Rissik Street Post Office Revamp announced! Finally some action!— JHF (@JoburgHeritage) March 3, 2016Great to see a start has been made. Rissik Street Post Office. pic.twitter.com/KoNJeYXy5a— wilsongail (@wilsongail60) February 20, 2016Source: City of Joburglast_img read more

S-noilite New 23″ Cosplay Wavy Wigs Full Head Pink Hair Wig Anime Cosplay/Costume Party Fancy Dress : Happy customer :)

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Super pleased with this, will invest in extra wigs from vendor.Enjoy it, good for the price beautiful bubblegum pink color.Genuinely pure wanting with a woven cap so relaxed to dress in.I place the wig straight on with simplicity, brushed it and went out. I wouldn’t attempt working with any heated appliances on it as its not true hair but it was fantastic for the day for my cosplay. Arrived on time and packed nicely.She is really pleased with it and it is additional than healthy for. I was really impressed with how speedily this product arrived, a great deal faster than anticipated. I purchased this for my daughter for a halloween party she is heading to and as these i failed to order a extra pricey wig, she is seriously pleased with it and it is more than healthy for objective. Overall i am pleased with the rapid delivery and the high-quality of the product for the revenue it cost.Best for my halloween outfit, i received 1st prize.Looks excellent on my daughter and she loves wearing it. Attractive dazzling virbant color and attractive and comfortable also, seems excellent on my daughter and she loves donning it as well.last_img read more

Wikileaks Calls for Sarah Palin’s Arrest

first_imgThe release references multiple public statements that to many just seemed like obnoxious bluster when they were made, but admittedly look a little different when examined in light of the Palin gun sights visual calling for the unseating of Democratic congresspeople, including Giffords.Palin has responded to criticism of the graphic after the assassination attempt and concurrent murders primarily through statements of sympathy for the victims on her Facebook page, though she doesn’t discuss the image itself. Comments that criticize Palin appear to be subject to deletion from the page. A Palin aid said yesterday that the map was never intended to represent gun sights, rather that they were “surveyors marks.” Palin has referred to them as “bullseyes” on Twitter.From the release: marshall kirkpatrick Related Posts The official Twitter account for Wikileaks has posted a press release this evening drawing a comparison between the controversial rhetoric from public figures that some believe contributed to the attempted assassination on Saturday of Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and the even more explicit calls from public officials for violence against Wikileaks spokesperson Julien Assange and others. The organization called for public figures making such calls to violence to be arrested and charged with crimes.Assange is attributed the following quote in the release: “No organisation anywhere in the world is a more devoted advocate of free speech than Wikileaks but when senior politicians and attention seeking media commentators call for specific individuals or groups of people to be killed they should be charged with incitement — to murder. Those who call for an act of murder deserve as significant share of the guilt as those raising a gun to pull the trigger.” The release pointed to specific high-profile calls for Assange’s assasination by Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee and others and concluded with a link to the website PeopleOKwithMurderingAssange.com. Tags:#news#web Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hostingcenter_img A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… “WikiLeaks staff and contributors have also been the target of unprecedented violent rhetoric by US prominent media personalities, including Sarah Palin, who urged the US administration to ‘Hunt down the WikiLeaks chief like the Taliban’. Prominent US politician Mike Huckabee called for the execution of WikiLeaks spokesman Julian Assange on his Fox News program last November, and Fox News commentator Bob Beckel, referring to Assange, publicly called for people to ‘illegally shoot the son of a bitch.’ US radio personality Rush Limbaugh has called for pressure to ‘Give [Fox News President Roger] Ailes the order and [then] there is no Assange, I’ll guarantee you, and there will be no fingerprints on it.’, while the Washington Times columnist Jeffery T. Kuhner titled his column ‘Assassinate Assange’ captioned with a picture Julian Assange overlayed with a gun site, blood spatters, and ‘WANTED DEAD or ALIVE’ with the alive crossed out.There certainly seems to be some logic to the argument Wikileaks is making. Meaningful prohibition of public figures advocating extra-judicial killings of their political opponents might represent an even bigger disruption of the realpolitik status quo than the dissolution of diplomatic secrecy, however. Thanks to the ease of rapid publishing online, it’s now easy for anyone to call for anyone else’s assassination or arrest and find a global audience, but that new capability for any kind of messages, good or bad, to fly far and free, clearly requires a discussion of how to relate to it responsibly. Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Muralitharan looks to play till 2013-14

first_imgLegendary Sri Lankan spinner Muttiah Muralitharan today made it clear he will continue to play cricket for another three years as he felt fit enough to feature in Indian Premier League and English county circuit.”I think my body is good enough to play cricket for another three years. I would like to play IPL and some county cricket in England. I have received some offers (from the counties) but can’t disclose them at this moment,” he said.Muralitharan was speaking at a felicitation function by his IPL team Chennai Super Super Kings here for taking 800 Test wickets.In a media interaction later, Muralitharan said that he had agreed to former Indian captain Anil Kumble’s offer to join him in starting an academy but refused to disclose the details of the venture.Asked whether he would play in next year’s World Cup in the sub continent, Muralitharan said, “It is still too early.I want to see how I play in the Champions League Twenty20 and then decide on the World Cup,” the 38-year-old Muralitharan said.Sanjay Manjrekar, who anchored the function, requested scribes before opening the floor for a question answer session not to pose questions on the match fixing allegations in Pakistan’s ongoing England tour.However, Muralitharan did answer a question on the issue, saying it is for the Pakistan Cricket Board and its English counterpart to deal with the situation and decide.”These are only allegations and I wouldn’t like to comment on these matters,” he said.advertisementMuralitharan said Harbhajan Singh has the best chance of reaching the 800 figure mark but he could not predict whether the Indian off-spinner would achieve the feat or not.”Harbhajan is only 29 and statistically it is possible for him to reach 800. But it is up to the bowler and I can’t predict anything. You should have the hunger to achieve anything,” he said.Manjrekar and former India captain S Venkataraghavan hosted a group discussion as part of the function.Tamil Nadu cricketers of Chennai Super Kings — Subramaniam Badrinath, Lakshmipathy Balaji, Ravichandran Ashwin, Anirudha Srikkanth and Shadab Jakati — and operations director V B Chandrasekar recalled their experiences with their famous colleague in IPL events.Venkatraghavan, part of the famous Indian spin quartet of yesteryears, showered praise on Muralitharan and discussed the finer points of spin bowling.Venkatraghavan presented Muralitharan a Super Kings team shirt with the number 800 printed on the back and Sri Lankan star immediately wore it on the stage.last_img read more

Asian Games bronze medallist Prajnesh aims for top 50, ability to play five sets

first_imgIndia’s number one singles player Prajnesh Gunneswaran, who is coming off a successful season during which he won two Challenger titles, said 2018 was his best year and the aim was to “ideally be in the top 50″.”2018 has been my best season. I’m looking to have a better 2019. I have given myself a good platform to push and I hope that happens,” the 29-year old left-hander, ranked 107 in the ATP rankings (as of December 24), said.The Chennai player, who has overcome injuries to fight his way back into the circuit, said the priority was to stay in the top 100.”I mean being inside the top 100, possibly if I do well there is a chance to be in the top 50 in the world. But I am more interested in making sure I improve enough to be able to compete in the Tour level, in the Tour events.”… And as I long I am inside the top 100, then I have done a decent job of keeping my ranking and my level. But the goal would ideally be to get around 50,” Prajnesh said on the sidelines of a TNTA event to honour past and present players from Tamil Nadu here on Sunday night.Asked whether he intended to play more Tour events in 2019, he said initially he would participate in some Challengers and some Tour events and later take a call depending on how well he does in them.On the areas he has improved, Prajnesh felt he was getting better in playing attacking tennis.advertisement”I think I have started playing better attacking tennis. My return of serve has also gotten better. Overall, a better match player…mainly due to the volume of tournaments I played over the last two years,” he added.Prajnesh, who trains at the Waske Tennis Academy in Germany, said he was putting in more work than he normally used to in training.”Because I need to start preparing to be able to play five sets. I think it could be a possibility pretty soon. Hopefully something that I have to regularly do. So yeah I have been training more than I normally do.”About the chances in the Davis Cup qualifiers against Italy to be played in Kolkata in February, Prajnesh said the Indian team will put up a good fight.”Italy are definitely a very strong side and the task ahead is not an easy one. They have six players within the top 100 in the team. But then we have a slight advantage because we will not only be playing at home but also on grass,” he added.Prajnesh also said being the No.1 player or the No.2 in the team does not matter much once he steps on the court.”To be honest, being the top singles player in the country will add a little more responsibility in Davis Cup…but then when you step on the court it doesn’t matter whether you are the No.1 player or No.2.”All that matters is that there is pressure and you are facing a top player. So you have to do everything to win,” he added.On losing out on playing in front of his home crowd here in the ATP event as the country’s top player, the southpaw said he was happy that the tournament was still in India and expected the crowd to back him in Pune, where the tournament has moved since the beginning of 2018.”I am happy that it is still in India. I hope I will have a big crowd supporting me in Pune. I have always loved playing in Pune. Obviously nothing would have been able to beat the tournament being in Chennai,” he signed off.Also Read | Asian Games 2018: Prajnesh Gunneswaran settles for bronze in tennisAlso Read | Pune Challenger: Prajnesh ends runners-up in singles, Ramkumar-Vijay win doubles titlelast_img read more

New Post in Integrity Commission to Strengthen Management Structure

first_imgStory Highlights Leader of Government Business in the Upper House, Senator Kamina Johnson Smith, says creating the post of Executive Director to head the proposed Integrity Commission will serve to strengthen the management structure of the new body.“We feel very strongly that this was the right path to have established that posting. (This) also allowed us to expand the responsibilities of management under that body (Integrity Commission),” she said.Senator Johnson Smith was responding to concerns raised by the Opposition in regard to the creation of this post as an amendment in the Integrity Commission Act, 2017. She was piloting the Bill during Friday’s (July 14) sitting of the Senate.She explained that the Government felt this lone post was a better arrangement than having Directors of the three divisions of the body report directly to the Commissioners, as was previously stipulated in the Bill.The Integrity Commission is to be formed through the merger of the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption, Integrity Commission and the Office of the Contractor General.The new body will have three Directors heading the information and complaints, investigation and corruption prosecution divisions.The Bill is aimed at promoting and enhancing standards of ethical conduct for Parliamentarians, public officials and other persons by consolidating laws relating to the prevention of corruption and the award of Government contracts and prescribed licences.It makes provisions for the establishment of the Integrity Commission, a new anti-corruption agency that will be responsible for investigating alleged or suspected acts of corruption; preventing, identifying and prosecuting corruption; and monitoring the award and discharge of Government contracts and prescribed licences.Mrs. Johnson Smith also pointed to other changes that have been made to clarify the responsibilities of specific members of the Commission. She noted that the individual who would have been referred to as the Director of Administration in the original Bill is now the Director of Information and Complaints.The Executive Director will assume the responsibilities previously assigned to the Director of Administration.“So now the Director of Information and Complaints has full responsibility for statutory declarations, information, and so on, removing duplication or possible conflicts,” she said.The Executive Director will be tasked with the day-to-day management of the affairs of the Commission. This person will also be responsible for coordinating the functions of the Commission; ensuring the timely implementation of the decisions and directions of the Commission; submitting quarterly reports to the Commission; and developing and implementing operational policies and procedures in relation to the functions of the Commission.The Executive Director will be appointed by the Governor-General based on the recommendation of the Commission. This individual will hold the office for a five-year period, after which he or she will be eligible for reappointment.Debate on the Bill will continue. Senator Johnson Smith was responding to concerns raised by the Opposition in regard to the creation of this post as an amendment in the Integrity Commission Act, 2017. She was piloting the Bill during Friday’s (July 14) sitting of the Senate. The Bill is aimed at promoting and enhancing standards of ethical conduct for Parliamentarians, public officials and other persons by consolidating laws relating to the prevention of corruption and the award of Government contracts and prescribed licences. Leader of Government Business in the Upper House, Senator Kamina Johnson Smith, says creating the post of Executive Director to head the proposed Integrity Commission will serve to strengthen the management structure of the new body.last_img read more

FIVE CAYS PDMs file report at Elections Office

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, TCI, December 15, 2016 – Reports have been made and the Elections Supervisor has asked for Police investigation into matters which are concerning to political watchers.  Dudley Lewis confirms that at least one report of possible treating was made where it was charged that the PNP Camp was giving away drinks and food to Electors.  Lewis reminded that this would fall into the category of ‘treating’ which is illegal.  Lewis said Police looked into the matter and reported to him that the items were for PNP workers, not members of the public or voters.However, PDM Party members in Five Cays aka Electoral District #9 questioned the honesty of that explanation due to the quantity of items, which they said was ‘way too much for a few poll workers.’  When Magnetic Media arrived on site, there were no food or drinks at all at the PNP station near IBO Grocers.   Across the street, the PDM was also without possible treats.  Photos were provided to Magnetic Media since early morning; these photos have also been posted on social media.The Integrity Commission, only moments ago advised that procedure and law requires that reports of this nature go directly to the Police and the Elections Office.  The IC added that it is beneficial to have photo or other evidence to support any complaint.There is a three way race in ED#9 between Rachel Taylor for the PNP; Bobby Chambers of the PDA and Sean Astwood of the PDM, who is the incumbent for the constituency.#MagneticMediaNews#TCIGeneralElections#FiveCays&ChalkSound Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:last_img read more

2020 Chevy Silverado offers more ways to enjoy a 62liter V8