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Helping Haiti

first_img 2Michael VanRooyen (right) of the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative tours the disaster area in a helicopter. VanRooyen spent the first day meeting political entities, including the president of Haiti and the vice president of the Dominican Republic. Justin Ide/Harvard Staff Photographer 21A young girl in the triage tent at the rehabilitation hospital in Fond Parisien, Haiti. Justin Ide/Harvard Staff Photographer 17Volunteers work the night shift. Justin Ide/Harvard Staff Photographer 15Sharam Aarabi, a student at the Harvard School of Public Health, volunteers during the night shift. Justin Ide/Harvard Staff Photographer 35Richard Cook of the University of Chicago works with Yyolson Eliassaint, a young boy suffering from malnutrition due to the loss of his mother and the inability to find food in the capital. Justin Ide/Harvard Staff Photographer 13Natsha Archer (right), volunteer coordinator for Partners In Health and resident in global health at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, talks with Louse Ivers, a Harvard-affiliated doctor, about staffing issues at the University Hospital in Port-au-Prince. Justin Ide/Harvard Staff Photographer 6A young girl bathes at a water truck outside the National Palace in downtown Port-au-Prince. Justin Ide/Harvard Staff Photographer 34Staff and volunteers, as well as patients, attend the Sunday church service on the grounds of the field hospital. Justin Ide/Harvard Staff Photographer 32Sunday church service on the grounds of the field hospital. Justin Ide/Harvard Staff Photographer 9Many salvage whatever they can in the wasteland of downtown Port-au-Prince. Justin Ide/Harvard Staff Photographer 29Nighttime at the rehabilitation hospital in Fond Parisien, Haiti. Justin Ide/Harvard Staff Photographer 39Valdena Pierre, 5 years old, who had her right foot amputated, smiles for the camera as she waits for a physical therapy volunteer to visit with her and teach her how to use crutches. Justin Ide/Harvard Staff Photographer 4Outside the National Palace in downtown Port-au-Prince, the Haitian flag flies in front of the completely destroyed building. Justin Ide/Harvard Staff Photographer 27At Fond Parisien, Haiti, Michael VanRooyen (from left), Hilarie Cranmer, Jennifer Chan, Christian Theodosis, and Emilie discuss the needs of the camp and how to get funding for their relief work. Justin Ide/Harvard Staff Photographer 14The night shift at the hospital is mostly covered by foreign nationals who have volunteered their services. Justin Ide/Harvard Staff Photographer 18Alejandro Baez (left), a former student at the Harvard School of Public Health, and Michael VanRooyen of the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative exit a helicopter for a meeting with the vice president of the Dominican Republic. Justin Ide/Harvard Staff Photographer 28Hilarie Cranmer from Harvard Humanitarian Initiative listens to the discussion. Justin Ide/Harvard Staff Photographer The world mobilized to help Haiti after that country suffered the deadliest earthquake in this hemisphere in over a century on Jan. 12, 2010. Faculty, staff, and other members of the Harvard community, including affiliates of Partners In Health and the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, played a pivotal role in the worldwide effort to provide aid. 16Sharam Aarabi (center), a student at the Harvard School of Public Health, and Jason Smithers (right) from Children’s Hospital Boston are two of many helping out. Justin Ide/Harvard Staff Photographer 19A rehabilitation hospital in Fond Parisien, Haiti, set up by staff members of the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative. Justin Ide/Harvard Staff Photographer 20Jennifer Chan (from left), Christian Theodosis, Michael VanRooyen, and Hilarie Cranmer talk at the field hospital in Fond Parisen, Haiti. Justin Ide/Harvard Staff Photographer 1After the devastating 7.0 earthquake on Jan. 12, 2010 in Haiti, Harvard faculty and staff, including from the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, the Medical School, and the School of Public Health, responded to the disaster. The Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince was destroyed in many places, as seen from this aerial shot. Justin Ide/Harvard Staff Photographer 11Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Partners In Health affiliate Louise Ivers (left) talks to two Haitian men about conditions in a displaced persons camp. Justin Ide/Harvard Staff Photographer 24The rehabilitation hospital in Fond Parisien, Haiti. Justin Ide/Harvard Staff Photographer 5Downtown Port-au-Prince is a wasteland of rubble and buildings waiting to be torn down. Justin Ide/Harvard Staff Photographer 40A man who had his left leg amputated makes his way through the camp. Justin Ide/Harvard Staff Photographer 10A man walks by graffiti scrawled upon the wall of a destroyed building. Justin Ide/Harvard Staff Photographer 31An older woman with leg injuries rests inside a tent. Justin Ide/Harvard Staff Photographer 22Children play outside the triage tent at the rehabilitation hospital in Fond Parisien, Haiti. Justin Ide/Harvard Staff Photographer 8The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption in downtown Port-au-Prince suffered complete destruction during the quake. Justin Ide/Harvard Staff Photographer 38A young boy with a crushed left leg hides behind a tent and smiles. Justin Ide/Harvard Staff Photographer 23The triage tent at the rehabilitation hospital in Fond Parisien, Haiti. Justin Ide/Harvard Staff Photographer 25A staff meeting run by Hilarie Cranmer (far right) at the rehabilitation hospital in Fond Parisien. Justin Ide/Harvard Staff Photographer 36Doctors check on a patient with a crushed leg in the triage tent. Justin Ide/Harvard Staff Photographer 7Salvaging anything usable in downtown Port-au-Prince has become a full time job for many. Justin Ide/Harvard Staff Photographer 3A closer aerial look at the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince, which was destroyed in many places. Justin Ide/Harvard Staff Photographer 33A woman prays during Sunday church service on the grounds of the field hospital. Justin Ide/Harvard Staff Photographer 37Late afternoon sun sets on the field hospital. Justin Ide/Harvard Staff Photographer 30A young girl with a broken leg at the rehabilitation hospital in Fond Parisien, Haiti, plays with a doll that was given to her. Justin Ide/Harvard Staff Photographer 12Employees and volunteers from Partners In Health distribute medicine at a mobile health clinic within a camp for internally displaced persons that holds about 45,000 people. Justin Ide/Harvard Staff Photographer 26A staff meeting run by Hilarie Cranmer (far right) at the rehabilitation hospital in Fond Parisien. Justin Ide/Harvard Staff Photographerlast_img read more

Students share stories about sexual assault

first_imgStudents gathered at Tommy Trojan Thursday night for Survivor Speak OUT, an event that gave students who have survived sexual violence an opportunity to share their stories in a safe space.Safe haven · Take Back the Week featured spoken word poet Andrea Gibson and her inspiring poems. Afterwards, the stage was open for sexual assault survivors to share their own stories. Kevin Fohrer | Daily TrojanThe event served as the culminating event of Take Back the Week, a weeklong effort by the Women’s Student Assembly to raise awareness about sexual violence. Take Back the Week included the Clothesline Project; on Alumni Park, a night of “artivism” at Ground Zero and other panels and workshops concerning issues of sexual violence.Survivor Speak OUT opened with introductions of several student services, including the counseling services offered by the Engemann Student Health Center.The event featured a keynote address from award-winning poet and activist Andrea Gibson, introduced by Take Back the Night director Yesenia Menendez as someone who “is not gentle with her truths.”Gibson’s performance was very powerful. She performed several potent spoken-word poems and provided encouraging words to the audience.“Even if you don’t write poems, I really recommend writing a love poem to your body,” Gibson said as an introduction to her poem, “I Sing the Body Electric, Especially When My Power’s Out.”After Gibson’s performance, the stage was opened up to survivors of sexual violence who were given the opportunity to share their stories. Several survivors took to the stage, sharing poems, stories and emotional outpourings to a supportive audience. Everyone in the audience held lighted candles throughout the Speak OUT.The event attracted several dozen attendees.“I’m interested in hearing what survivors have to say,” said Lilly Taing, a sophomore majoring in health and humanity. “A lot of people can’t or don’t understand how [survivors] are feeling or dealing with their situation, and a lot of time people blame [the survivors].”Many survivors and supporters at the event advocated against victim-blaming, and created an encouraging environment for those who might blame themselves for the violence that had been committed against them.Maggie Deagon, a sophomore majoring in Spanish and health and humanity, noted these events are important for bringing awareness to sexual assault.“Events like this start a conversation about issues people might not be talking about otherwise,” Deagon said.Taing agreed that the event brought important coverage toward the issue.“Especially in front of Tommy Trojan, the center of campus, I think this event could cause students to take notice,” Taing said.Indeed, several passersby stopped to see why a crowd had gathered around Tommy Trojan, and found a strong audience of people supporting one another.After Speak OUT, the audience rose to walk together around campus with their lighted candles, letting their light take back the night from all the perpetrators of sexual assault.last_img read more

Sibahle builds positive narratives

first_imgSibahle Poster Series – Miriam Makeba (Mama Afrika). (Images and Videos: Redbull Amaphiko)Early in 2015 a campaign to highlight positive African narratives was started and aptly named Sibahle, which means “we are beautiful” in IsiZulu.Established by Ruramai Musekiwa, a Zimbabwe-born visual artist, the project tackles negative stereotypes and promotes the empowerment of women and youth through creative media. It works using creative and interactive awareness campaigns, a magazine, a children’s book series, a poster series, workshops and activations.“We started the Sibahle campaign early in 2015, seeking to celebrate and promote positive African stories via creative concepts, for example, an illustrated digital exhibition series paying homage to phenomenal African women,” Musekiwa told Redbull Amaphiko.“Sibahle, means ‘we are beautiful’ and aims to change the African narrative, too often shrouded in pain and suffering, into a positive story.”FIVE PILLARSThe Sibahle campaign uses five pillars to promote its message:The Sibahle poster seriesA children’s book seriesA work-shopping and activation branchA bi-monthly magazineA pop-up storeAccording to Musekiwa, the five pillars all serve to cultivate positive African narratives across different target groups as well as to drive income through selling cutting edge, commercially viable products.SIBAHLE POSTER SERIESThe Sibahle poster series portrays amazing, strong African women, such as Lira, Thandiswa Mazwai, Miriam Makeba, and many others.Musekiwa said it had been featured on various websites, as well as on social media and blogs, and it had included Lupita Nyong’o, the Academy Award winning actress, who said was honoured to be featured.“Since its inception the brand has grown, thanks to unsolicited generosity such as a lady who sent us a mail saying how much our work inspired her and that she’d love to do our PR for free,” said Musekiwa.Going forward, the organisation wanted to make the series more meaningful by celebrating ordinary women who were at the forefront of change. “To give one example: We want to go into communities to celebrate and highlight mothers in the townships who are turning their households into children’s homes, taking in orphans, for example.”Lupita Nyong’o, Hollywood actress for the Sibahle Poster Series.Have you played your part to make South Africa better for all? Share your story with us.last_img read more

Commercial Net-Zero Buildings On the Rise

first_imgAlthough the numbers are still very small, proven net-zero energy performance in commercial buildings is rising at a statistically rapid pace, a report from the New Buildings Institute says.Over a 15-month period, the number of verified “ZE” projects rose from 53 to 67, an increase of 26%. A much broader category of “emerging” commercial buildings that includes projects under construction, in design and still being evaluated climbed from 279 to 415, an increase of more than 48%, the report said.There are 6 million commercial buildings in the U.S. and Canada, so the number of projects capable of balancing energy consumption with production from renewable energy sources over the course of a year is barely a drop in the bucket. But it’s the rate of increase and a “convergence” of factors that favor zero-energy design the institute finds significant. In the first of these reports in 2012, the institute said, there were a total of 60 commercial and multifamily projects that could be listed as verified or in the works. With that number now 482, the total has increased by more than 700%.“ZE buildings counts are still small in relation to the total market — in the single-digit percentage of total buildings and floor space,” the report says. “But a multitude of factors are accelerating ZE buildings and communities such as emerging technologies, sensors and LEDs, dramatic price drops of solar generation, energy storage, energy tracking and transparency, integrated and passive design, climate concerns, and interest in ZE codes and resilient buildings. How performance is definedThe New Building Institute uses a metric it calls the Zero Energy Performance Index, or zEPI, which favors actual energy consumption over an energy model of performance. The zEPI is calculated with the building’s EUI and is adjusted by building type and climate once a building is occupied based on measured energy use.The report explains zEPI this way:“ZEPI was created to address confusion caused by comparing the energy efficiency of buildings by referencing their ‘percent savings beyond code.’ Which code? What year? Given there have been at least six major commercial energy codes on the books at any given time in the United States since 2000, identifying the correct baseline can take some time.”This new report is for commercial buildings only. Residential net-zero projects are tallied separately by the Net-Zero Energy Coalition (see the Related Articles sidebar above for an article on its latest report), although some critics doubt it is possible to count zero-energy homes accurately because of the wide distribution of renewable energy systems. RELATED ARTICLES Projects of all types make the listWhen organized by building type, education represents the largest group with 37% of the total. Office buildings and multifamily make up the next two in the rankings with 19% and 16% respectively. But developers of all stripes are showing interest in the zero-energy standard, the report says, with light manufacturing, a car dealership and a ski area making the list. Healthcare, lodging, and retail stores are categories with relatively little representation, possibly because of higher energy intensity and more complicated use patterns.The report also makes these observations:In addition to buildings whose developers expressly list zero-net energy as a goal, there are many others listed as “ultra-low energy buildings,” which achieve similar levels of energy performance without the addition of renewables and without having zero-energy goals. These projects are not included in the ZE tally because there are too many to list.There are zero-energy commercial projects in 44 U.S. states and four of Canada’s 10 provinces. California, however, has seen the most growth (131%) and with 214 projects it has 44% of the total. Taken together, California and Oregon account for just under half of the total. Other regions making a particularly strong showing are the Northeast (73 projects), the Southeast (50 projects) and the Southwest (41 projects). States with no ZE projects are North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alaska.Zero-energy buildings can be found in all climate zones. But the largest grouping (226 projects) is located in Climate Zone 3, which extends across the southern tier of the U.S.Verified projects on the list use an average of 60% less energy that comparable commercial buildings in the U.S. The median gross site Energy Use Intensity (EUI) is just under 18kBtu/square foot/year before renewables are factored in. Those projects on the emerging list have an EUI of 24kBtu/square foot/year.Eighty-one percent of the verified buildings are 25,000 square feet or less in size, with the biggest concentration (31%) of 5,000 square feet or less. Less than 1% are bigger than 100,000 square feet. There’s better representation on the emerging side of the tally for larger buildings: 18% are larger than 100,000 square feet, and 23% are between 50,000 and 100,000 square feet.center_img To Net Zero and BeyondZero-Energy Construction is ‘Set to Explode’ The Department of Energy Chooses a Definition for Net ZeroMajor U.S. Builder Tests Net-Zero MarketNet-Zero Cities Aren’t Possible, You Say?California Leads the Nation in Net-Zero Projects “This convergence, combined with other rapid advancements, foretells of a built environment that will look very different when we share our story 20 years from now.”last_img read more

17 days agoIreland coach McCarthy: Keane tipped me off about Brighton striker Connolly

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first_imgAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Ireland coach McCarthy: Keane tipped me off about Brighton striker Connollyby Paul Vegas17 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveIrish legend Robbie Keane gave Aaron Connolly a glowing reference to Mick McCarthy after his two-goal performance in Brighton’s win over Spurs.Keane was in the crowd at the AMEX and was mightily impressed by the 19-year-old, who McCarthy called-up to the latest Republic of Ireland squad.McCarthy said today: “I didn’t see it at the time but I’ve seen it since. Robbie was watching it.”It was excellent. His goals were both very good. People talk about his second one. I thought his first one was brilliant, because his movement was good.”He got across the defender and then, having had it saved, he had the presence of mind, he didn’t just have a little dig at it and run off, he spun and put it in the net.”I saw him against Armenia (under-21s) and I was really impressed. He really has some personality on the pitch, he plays with real personality.” last_img read more

Seth Rogen Visits University Of Vermont To Celebrate Hilarity For Charity U

first_imgUniversity of Vermont’s (UVM) Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity and Alpha Chi Omega Sorority beat out the more than sixty student organizations on college campuses across the country in the fight to raise the most funds for the Alzheimer’s Association as part of Hilarity for Charity’s (HFC) nationwide collegiate program Hilarity for Charity U (HFC U).Lauren Miller Rogen and husband Seth Rogen share their Alzheimer’s story with mediaCredit/Copyright: Alison RedlichTo thank the HFC U winners, Seth Rogen, Lauren Miller Rogen and Christopher Mintz-Plasse, spent Saturday morning with UVM Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity (PIKE) and Alpha Chi Omega Sorority for a special screening of “Superbad.” Rogen, who wrote and appeared in “Superbad,” and Christopher Mintz-Plasse, who played the classic character of “McLovin,” provided live commentary during the screening to a packed auditorium of students.Seth Rogen and Chris Mintz-Plasse provide live commentary during a special screening of their movie Superbad with this year’s winners of Hilarity For CharityCredit/Copyright: Alison Redlich“We were pumped to celebrate the accomplishment of University of Vermont’s Pi Kappa Alpha and Alpha Chi Omega in helping us raise much needed funds to end Alzheimer’s,” said Rogen. “I hope other college students see this event as motivation to get involved in the Alzheimer’s cause because, hey, you could meet me.”HFC U is a nationwide program that encourages college groups to throw Hilarity for Charity events to raise awareness and funds to fight Alzheimer’s disease. The University Of Vermont’s Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity and Alpha Chi Omega Sorority raised more than $30,000. The HFC U program raised more than $200,000 since its inception, benefiting the Alzheimer’s Association.“With the number of people with Alzheimer’s expected to grow dramatically, it is especially important to engage and educate a younger generation – and that is what we are trying to do through HFC U,” said Miller Rogen. “We are thrilled by what the UVM PIKEs and Alpha Chi Omegas accomplished this year and can’t wait to kick-off our next HFC U challenge in the fall.”More than five million Americans are living Alzheimer’s disease. Barring the development of medical breakthroughs to prevent, stop or slow Alzheimer’s disease, the number of people with the disease is expected to triple by 2050. Alzheimer’s disease is also the costliest disease to society and the sixth-leading cause of death in the United States, and the only top 10 cause of death without a way to prevent, cure, or slow its progression.HFC is a unique movement that uses the power of laughter to bring attention to Alzheimer’s disease. It is led by the husband and wife team, Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller Rogen. Established in partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association, HFC is dedicated to raising both awareness and funds for the cause with a specific emphasis on engaging younger generations.To learn more about HFC U and how to get involved, please visit www.hilarityforcharity.org/hfcu.last_img read more

Vehicle fire closes Highway 97 between Chetwynd and Dawson Creek

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first_imgDrivebc.ca is reporting there is a vehicle fire on Highway 97 east of Chetwynd at Caven Road.  The highway is closed in both directions while officials deal with the fire.#BCHwy97 – Reports of vehicle fire North of #Chetwynd at Caven Road has closed the highway. Crews en route, will keep updated.#DawsonCreek— DriveBC NE (@DriveBC_NE) August 18, 2019There is no estimate at this time on when the highway will re-open.  If you’re travelling in the area, let us know what you see, email [email protected] UPDATE as of 4:20 p.m. – The highway is open to single lane traffic.UPDATE as of 2:50 p.m. – Highway 97, in both directions. Vehicle incident between Melychuck Rd and Caven Rd for 2.9 km (16 to 14 km north of Chetwynd). Until Sun Aug 18. Road closed. Detour not available. Estimated time of re-opening Sun Aug 18 at 6:00 PM MST. Next update time Sun Aug 18 at 5:00 PM MST. Last updated Sun Aug 18 at 2:47 PM MST. (DBC-11057)CHETWYND, B.C. – Highway 97 between Dawson Creek and Chetwynd is closed due to a vehicle fire.last_img read more

Twenty one nominated as members of Court of JNU

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first_imgNew Delhi: Twenty-one people have been nominated as members of the Court of Jawaharlal Nehru University.The members have been nominated by President Ram Nath Kovind. While 10 persons have been nominated under category of persons representing learned professions, including professor Veerendra Kumar, KA Badrinath of Financial Chronicle, six persons, including Khadi and Village Industries Commission chief VK Saxena, have been nominated representing industry, labour, commerce and agriculture and five persons have been nominated under category others.last_img read more

Sensex & Nifty scale new peaks on earnings, monsoon optimism

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first_imgMumbai: Indian benchmark equity indices Sensex and Nifty Tuesday scaled new life-time closing highs as investors remained in an intense buying mode for fourth session in a row on “near-normal” monsoon forecast and bumper corporate earnings optimism. The BSE gauge Sensex started off on a bullish note at 39,040.30 and hit a new intra-day record of 39,364.34. It, however, finally settled at 39,275.64, 369.80 points or 0.95 per cent higher, also marking its life-time closing high. The index has added 690.29 points in the last four sessions. Also Read – Thermal coal import may surpass 200 MT this fiscalSimilarly, the broader NSE Nifty opened higher at 11,736.20 and breached the psychological 11,800-level (intra-day) for the first time ever. The NSE barometer settled the day at a new record closing level of 11,787.15, up 96.80 points or 0.83 per cent. Financial stocks took charge of the rally driven by sustained foreign fund inflows. Sensex heavyweight ICICI Bank rose 3.58 per cent. In percentage terms, however, IndusInd Bank was the top gainer with 3.96 per cent rise. Also Read – Food grain output seen at 140.57 mt in current fiscal on monsoon boostOther gainers were ONGC, Larsen and Toubro, Maruti, Asian paints and HeroMoto Corp — climbing as much as 2.49 per cent. On the other hand, PowerGrid, Tata Motors and Infosys shares booked losses. Sectorally, among the top performers were BSE bankex, rising 1.62 per cent, finance 1.08 per cent, consumer durables 1.16 per cent and telecom 1.03 per cent. In the broader market, BSE largecap, midcap and smallcap indices underperformed the benchmark Sensex. However, the market breadth was tilted in favour of sellers as 1,298 stocks declined and 1,277 gained. “Market rallied to a new high supported by optimism over quarter earnings and positive global market. A better monsoon outlook from IMD provided relief to investors, who are keen on earnings outcome to accumulate quality stocks despite election led volatility,” Vinod Nair, Head of Research, Geojit Financial Services Ltd, said. Elsewhere in Asia, markets in Japan, China and Korea ended on a positive note. In Europe, bourses in Germany, France and the UK were trading in the positive terrain in early deals. Global crude oil benchmark Brent futures fell 0.11 per cent to USD 71.10 per barrel. The Indian rupee meanwhile weakened by 18 paise to close at 69.60 against the US dollar Tuesday amid strengthening of the American currency and high crude oil prices. Analysts also said that stocks rallied to a new high supported by optimism over quarter earnings and positive global market. Shares of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) have risen over 6 per cent in the last two trading sessions, after the company reported 17.7 per cent growth in consolidated net profit for March 2019 quarter. Meanwhile, IT firm Wipro Tuesday reported a 38.4 per cent rise in net profit at Rs 2,493.9 crore for the March 2019 quarter and also announced a Rs 10,500 crore buyback programme. The earnings numbers came after market hours. Meanwhile, foreign institutional investors (FIIs) purchased equities worth Rs 1,038.58 crore on Tuesday and domestic institutional investors (DIIs) bought shares to the tune of Rs 37.22 crore, provisional data available with stock exchanges showed.last_img read more

Asian Boxing: Satish, Sonia in QFs, three others in last-16

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first_imgBangkok: Commonwealth Games silver-medallist Satish Kumar (+91kg) and the fast-rising Sonia Chahal (57kg) entered the quarterfinals on an all-win opening day for India at the Asian Boxing Championships here. Satish out-punched Iran’s Iman Ramezanpourdelavar to make the last eight, while world silver-medallist Sonia defeated Vietnam’s Uyan Do Nha in the women’s draw on Friday. In the morning session, national champion Deepak (49kg) and Rohit Tokas (64kg) advanced to the last-16 stage with confident victories. Joining them was Ashish (69kg), who defeated Cambodia’s V Y Sophors in the evening session. Also Read – Puducherry on top after 8-wkt win over Chandigarh”All the gold medal winners from this competition will be assured of a place in the world championships team (scheduled in September this year),” Indian boxing’s High-Performance Director Santiago Nieva said. Satish, who won a bronze medal at the event in its 2015 edition, quite literally eased past his fumbling opponent, striking at will in a one-sided contest. In the last Indian bout of the day, Sonia pounced on her overtly defensive opponent and produced a near flawless performance to clinch a 5-0 win. Earlier, Deepak defeated Vietnam’s Loi Bui Cong Danh, fetching a unanimous verdict from the judges before Rohit put it past Taiwan’s Chu-Yen Lai with a similar scoreline. Deepak opened the proceedings for India. He kept it simple and focussed on hitting straight to ensure clean and impactful punches. Rohit Tokas (64kg) was up against a more aggressive one in Lai but he hardly broke a sweat to advance.last_img read more