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Xining from five aspects to improve the quality of discipline inspection and supervision of cadres

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strengthen the self construction of the discipline inspection organs is a regular work often new, facing the situation and tasks in 12th Five-Year "economic and social development, Xining City Commission for Discipline Inspection, put forward to strengthen the discipline inspection and supervision of cadres from five aspects.
in political construction, always around the center, serving the overall situation, to further strengthen the awareness of the overall situation, and consciously accept the leadership of the Party committee, and the breakthrough point of discipline inspection and supervision work to identify, enhance the relevance and effectiveness of the work.
in the ideological construction, to further strengthen the consciousness of public servants, to withstand the test, and resolutely resist the equivalent of commodity economy in the exchange principle of erosion inspection work.
in capacity building, through the motive force of innovation, make full use of modern information technology innovation, learning foreign advanced experience and innovation, do fine do deep innovation to improve the grasp of anti-corruption work ability.
in the organization construction, we should conscientiously implement the "on the further strengthening of the city discipline inspection and supervision of cadres opinions", further strengthen the consciousness of talents, strict personnel entrance, efforts to bring more talents to enrich the discipline inspection and supervision organs to. Continue to thoroughly implement the spirit of the summary of No. 9, No. 10 document, and actively promote the implementation of the scheme for the rectification of problems, promote the construction of grassroots discipline inspection and supervision organs. Exploration and research to continue to strengthen the township (street) Commission for Discipline Inspection of the effective measures to improve the mechanism, expand the coverage, optimize the settings, the integration of forces, and promote local and grassroots discipline inspection and supervision organs. Discipline inspection and supervision organs stationed institutions as an opportunity to further reform the management and operation mode, improve the efficiency of accredited institutions.
in the style of construction, carried out in conjunction with Excel and faith, belief, faith "theme educational activities, promoting the construction of learning organization of the discipline inspection organs, discipline inspection and supervision of cadres in-depth study, studying business, improve service, security and ability to promote the scientific development of the work of the masses, and maintain social stability the ability to work in their respective positions on the unity of director, director, passion practical officer, really practice the" promise of loyal guardians of the party, when a close friend of the masses ".
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This year Huangzhong County farmers into urban hukou has exceeded 100 thousand people

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reporter recently learned from the Huangzhong County Public Security Department, this year, Huangzhong County farmers into the town has exceeded 100 thousand people, the provincial capital of Xining surrounding farmers to become citizens.

Huangzhong County farmers and migrants to urban and non-agricultural industries transfer task is arduous, the number of household registration reform base, a wide range of types. In order to implement the urbanization Huimin policy, Huangzhong county set up a leading county government headed households to change work leading group, the implementation of the household registration reform "number one responsibility, in the urban area of Xining city (rural) farmers Village, the whole village and the relocation of centralized basic landless as the focus, focus on the implementation of the household registration the reform of the system of the whole village, in the original province and city to determine the 70 thousand people transfer target, self pressurized, will enhance the goal of reform to 100 thousand people. read more

Xining livelihood projects to benefit the masses of 241 thousand and 900

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Reporters recently learned from the Xining Municipal Finance Bureau, Xining people’s livelihood projects in the previous year, the reform of monetary reform based on the successful completion of the pilot. As of mid December 2015, the city’s financial system has been included in the livelihood of the people of the capital supervision and supervision system of 12 items of funds to subsidize the project 171 million 660 thousand yuan, benefiting the masses of 241 thousand and 900 people. read more

The traffic accidents in Xining City West District Service Center Operation

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For greater scope to meet the road traffic accident, motor vehicle drivers do not want to own negotiation, and the insurance company to the traffic police issued a traffic accident to solve the problem of damage compensation desire, in August 15th, the traffic accidents in Xining city at fast fast pay service center west area is run.

"road traffic safety law" and its implementing regulations, causing no injuries, and no dispute over the facts and the causes of traffic accidents, should immediately withdraw from the scene, to restore the traffic, discuss compensation matters itself. But in the actual implementation, on the one hand, insurance companies shall follow the "insurance law" on the need for traffic accident scene survey regulations; on the other hand, the motor vehicle driver for fear of negotiating compensation links, coordination is difficult, not willing to negotiate on their own, still hope that the traffic police issued a traffic accident. read more

Volunteers in action

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Xining will usher in the city civilized degree index, even to the Xining evening news on a city to change my attention, bring these beautiful scenery, civilization cannot do without all of the relevant departments, more cannot do without the enthusiastic public participation portrait. To set off all the people in the whole society to participate in the new climax of the creation of the national civilized city, a city office decided to carry out mass work, clean the family circle, to create a civilized "volunteer service activities within the city, the reporter also focused on the stick in a city of front-line volunteers.

"master Hello, now light is red, for your safety, please wait for a few minutes before crossing the road." In August 30th, the Yangtze River Road, West Road, civilized traffic volunteers wearing several eye-catching ribbon. The crowded roads became clear, and fewer and fewer people ran through the red light.

in the Xining West Railway Station, has been active in such a group of people, they wore a small red hat, wearing a green T-shirt to provide the necessary assistance for passengers. In order to allow passengers to travel smoothly, the Xining West Railway Station by the provincial Party Committee for the city to recruit 30 college students, organizing them to participate in railway youth volunteer activities. The volunteers were praised by the passengers.  
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Wang Yubo mayor of Xining City the first line of the future policy

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live in a dangerous rock, once the storm, debris flow, landslides are likely to threaten the safety of everyone. Demolition regulation is to ensure the safety of life and property, safeguard the long-term interests of the masses. Chaoyang village people know the general, the overall situation, with a good head, thank you for your understanding and support." August 26th, led by mayor Wang Ping, vice mayor Wang Yubo and his party into the airport along the high speed environmental remediation projects and railway station comprehensive transformation project site pointed out. read more

The implementation of the four projects in Huangzhong to promote the rapid and healthy development o

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In recent years, Huangzhong County, relying on the traditional cultural heritage of the local rich and unique regional culture, to accelerate the county cultural resources to cultural industry development into the county "as the goal, based on the resources of Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism culture, Hehuang ancient culture, ecological culture, catering, traditional sports culture, actively the development of cultural tourism industry, initially formed the" eight petal lotus "culture industry as a leader, with many arts and crafts, theatrical performances, cultural relics, tourism products and other types of coordinated development pattern read more

World Environment Day campaign

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6 month 5 days, in the forty-fifth "65" world environment day, the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau Joint Committee Propaganda Department, the construction of the Qinghai provincial Party committee, Xining municipal government, the provincial Party committee, the provincial women’s Federation, the provincial water resources department, Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau and other units of the rich and colorful theme of environmental protection publicity activities in the city center district of Xining city square carry out. Provincial Standing Committee, vice governor Zhang Jianmin visited the scene to guide and interact with the scene with the public. read more

Seminar organized by Xining public security organs for emancipating the mind

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7 on 29 May, the city’s public security organs held a seminar on emancipating the minds of seminars, continue to emancipate the mind, accelerate scientific development, in-depth discussion. Xining Municipal Committee, Secretary of politics and Law Committee, Public Security Bureau Lv Benqian mobilization speech.

Lv Benqian pointed out that we should improve our understanding, unify our thinking, deeply understand the great significance of emancipating the mind, and enhance the awareness and initiative of doing a good job in the discussion. Emancipating the mind is a practical measure to improve the ability of the public security organs to serve the city’s economic and social development. read more

Xining City industry and commerce the Ministry of Health jointly check the dyed medlar

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June 12th, according to reports from the Xining wolfberry dyeing, wells Xiang, the business of law enforcement officers who will work in the city health authority to jointly sell well lane market area dry cargo medlar sampling.

in the inspection, law enforcement officers found some stalls sell medlar not only the price difference, color difference. The reporter casually in the goods area within the grasp of two different colors of medlar on chewing in the mouth, found the color of dark hair and no sweet taste not only wolfberry decolorization, reddish color and sour taste wolfberry red and yellow decoloration reflect. Health supervision staff of various quality levels of the market for the sale of Chinese wolfberry were carried out sampling and registration, sampling results will be within 7 days to inform the business households, the dyeing wolfberry operating households will be punished. (author: convective cloud) read more