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April 19th, the Fifth Congress of the Xining writers association. Wang Shengjing, chairman of the Qinghai Writers Association, Xining Federation of literary and art circles, such as chairman, was invited to attend the meeting. The meeting examined and adopted the fourth session of the Xining Writers Association report on the work of the Council, Congress voted and elected a new session of the Council and the presidency, Dong Dehong was elected the new president of the association.

in the past 5 years, the Xining Writers Association has a membership of 125, the team has expanded over the past. In the prosperity of creation reflects a pragmatic, "three close" style, the creation of a group to reflect the Hehuang area characteristics of literary works. Membership: Changyue fruitful creative song published "a man of Qinghai" "the previous song" "wild west", selected works of "Chinese 2008 (2010, 2012) annual prose poem" twenty-first Century "China independent poet poems" ten poems, his poetry attracted the attention of domestic poetry review Dong Dehong; published collection of essays, "walking in the Heyuan River" "Heyuan River" picked up; Wang Wenzhong published "the traces of the years" "remote village"; Chen Yuankui published the novel "Minsheng Street", another novel "flowers resentment" forthcoming; Jia Wenqing published the novel "Zhang Zhen" in the silver hairpins; "he published a Book of poetry how small", and won the 2012 Qinghai Youth Literature Award; published "shallow blue fragrance" fragrance "in memory"; Xining City Writers Association actively planning, organization, carry out major folk songs Theme creation, completed the "summer getaway" editing and publishing work. (author: Zhang Yan)

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