Our city has eliminated 3324 yellow cars

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One of the main sources of

vehicle exhaust pollution has become the air pollution in our city, in order to reduce pollution, reporters from the city atmosphere office was informed that the city in the increase of oil and gas comprehensive modification work, will also speed up the yellow car out of the pace, up to now, has eliminated 3324 yellow cars.

it is understood that the emissions equivalent to 28 vehicles in China IV standard 1 yellow car emissions, its emissions of nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, carbon and oxygen compounds, fine particulate matter and other pollutants impact on air environment to increase the proportion of. Therefore, the control of motor vehicle pollution has become one of the priorities for improving air quality. Therefore, I am strict vehicle marks the issuance of work, as of November 21st, completed vehicle inspection of 149443 vehicles, a total payment of 149443 green flag vehicles, green flag issued 142642 vehicles, yellow mark issued 6801 vehicles, motor vehicles periodic environmental detection rate reached 76.45%. Yellow car limit line is also further expanded the scope of the limit line from the original 7.5 square kilometers to expand to 10.7 square kilometers, and the installation of the limit line warning signs.

at the same time, the city to speed up the implementation of the comprehensive transformation of the gas station oil and gas management. Currently the main city of 11 gas stations have been completed transformation. Tanker renovation work is also accelerating, has completed the transformation of 20, the remaining 106 modifications are stepping up construction work.


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