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scientific and technological innovation is the driving force for enterprise development. In Xining (National) economic and Technological Development Zone, large and small enterprises, a group of senior talent not only led to the development of enterprises, but also the pioneer in the development of entrepreneurial innovation team.

May 30th, according to the Xining Municipal Committee, deputy director of the Xining economic and Technological Development Zone Development Zone with Yao Lin, deepening the reform of personnel and personnel system, optimizing the structure of talents introduction, pay close attention to the talents cultivation and use, now, the total amount of talents, the layout and structure of the development zone have changed obviously. Development Zone, the high level of talent "elevation" year by year high.

up to now, the development zone has to absorb all kinds of jobs for 60 thousand people, including college education more than 1.8 people, accounting for 31.6% of total employees; intermediate and above titles more than 4000 people, including senior technical leader and 160 people, 23 doctor. High tech enterprises in the Development Zone 23, only last year, the output value of high-tech enterprises reached 4 billion 980 million yuan, accounting for the Development Zone industrial output value of 7.2%. The park has created a small business park, incubator, and gradually establish a park enterprise independent innovation system and all kinds of research and development platform, the talent can be fully utilized.

Development Zone, as the main carrier of the province’s industrial projects, the relative concentration of the industry, has entered the stage of accelerated economic development and industrial restructuring, the urgent need for all types of personnel. In the future, the development zone will be more open to the introduction and cultivation of various types of talents, the establishment of the park and enterprise linkage mechanism, the construction of a high-level talent team. Create a good environment for a gathering of talents, and makes the best possible use of the Development Zone, to truly become the gathering all kinds of talent depressions and entrepreneurial innovation in the land, to form a "magnet effect".

at the same time, the development zone will encourage qualified enterprises to establish postdoctoral workstation or postdoctoral innovation base, the establishment of national and provincial research center, to focus on training and research funding for one-time talents, people feel in the Development Zone career stage, Bentou, security. (author: Zhou Jianping)

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