Park to promote the development of environmental protection

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Recently, the mayor, the Xining economic and Technological Development Zone Director Wang Yubo, municipal committee, deputy director of the Xining economic and Technological Development Zone Yao Lin, deputy mayor Xu Guocheng led the relevant departments responsible comrades, into the Gan River Industrial Park in Xining economic and Technological Development Zone, the investigation of the production and operation of enterprises. Wang Yubo stressed that the Gan River Industrial Park plays an important role in the industrial development of the city, according to the provincial government to build the national circular economy pilot area development and construction of "resource-saving and environment-friendly" Park, do the transformation and upgrading, saving energy and increasing efficiency of the article, and guide enterprises to build on the downstream industry, production and marketing docking for the long-term cooperation mechanism, environmental protection, energy saving, and strive to build eco industrial park.

at the site, the beauty of Qinghai coal coal polygeneration project phase Wang Yubo requirements, enterprises inverted good plan period, guarantee funds, equipment in place, start construction as soon as possible, to ensure the completion of the annual investment plan. When the target positioning heard Qinghai Jihua Industrial Co. Ltd. to create a high level of circular economy demonstration area, he encouraged to increase investment in science and technology innovation enterprise, enhance innovation drive capability, the factory into a resource-saving and environment-friendly demonstration plant. In the Saline Lake Haina company, Wang Yubo hope that enterprises with advanced environmental protection production technology, scientific management processes, and constantly lead the technological innovation, management innovation to achieve new breakthroughs. In the Yellow River Xin Industry Co. Ltd., he encouraged enterprises in technology support, process optimization, bold practice, take effective measures to reverse the production difficulties, the formation of a new industrial scale and the growth point as soon as possible. He pointed out that the Qinghai baolihua energy technology company, Aluminum Alloy profiles and auto parts Industrial Park, enterprises should be good ideas, good planning, good morning to sunset on the ground, start from the automobile hub, to win credibility, quality to win the market, early Auto Parts Industrial Park bigger and stronger.

Wang Yubo, Gan River Industrial Park to support the park enterprises to speed up the construction of the project and put into operation, support enterprises do bigger and stronger. To fully implement the provinces and cities to introduce a series of policies to help enterprises steady growth, strengthen the monitoring and analysis of economic operation and comprehensive coordination, to help enterprises do a good job of production factor protection, market development, tapping the potential transformation. To properly handle the relationship between environmental protection and development, accelerate the development of environmental protection, promote the development of environmental protection, to ensure the healthy and sustainable development of the park.


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