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reporter learned from the Xining municipal civilization office, in March for the city of Xining, Lei Feng volunteer service activities month, Xining will focus on the 11 "learning" volunteer service activities in the city of Lei Feng. From April onwards, Xining city Lei Feng volunteer service activities will be normalized.


to learn from Lei Feng volunteer service activities, volunteers at all levels in Xining will go to the community (Village), as Empty Nester, disabled, poor people to carry out visits, condolences to the clinic, technology consulting, housekeeping services, skills training, occupation introduction and other volunteer activities. Will be carried out to learn from Lei Feng to do good practice in primary and secondary schools, through the blackboard, broadcasting stations and other forms of publicity and deeds of Lei Feng Lei Feng advanced individual stories, the young pioneers organization held "speaking, reading and listening to the story of Lei Feng" theme, around the "new period to Lei Feng what, how to learn Lei Feng" theme discussions and the lecture, and carry out the "learning group one" and "clear" city psoriasis "and other activities. Will be in the main sections of the city, the focus of the intersection, bus stations to carry out civilized traffic advice, maintaining traffic order, to discourage violations of traffic rules.

at the same time, will be combined with primary and secondary school safety education day activities, organization science, earthquake, fire and other professional volunteers in primary and secondary schools to carry out science, emergency hedging and other educational activities. The volunteers go to the streets, communities, villages and towns to carry out the Red Cross emergency rescue training, etiquette knowledge popularization, psychological counseling, emergency assistance, health care, legal aid, environmental protection, disease prevention and other community volunteer service activities. (author: Wu Yachun)

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