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In November 6th, the Central Propaganda Department, the Ministry of culture, the State Press and publication administration service farmers service grass-roots cultural construction advanced collective commendation meeting jointly held in Beijing, on the 241 advanced collective commendation. Gangcha County, Haibei Prefecture culture in Datong County of Zhejiang Xining city hall, Hong Sheng Prairie Art Troupe, Xining city people stage Culture Communication Co. Ltd., Haiyan County, Haibei Prefecture Cultural market comprehensive law enforcement brigade, Yushu, Xining City, Huangzhong movie station, county radio and Television Bureau, East Sea Ping county Ping Zhen Zhang Jia Zhai Cun farm house on the list.

is the national service for farmers, service grassroots cultural construction advanced collective award recommendation work in our province in accordance with the Central Propaganda Department, the Ministry of culture, the State Press and Publication Administration of the spirit of the document required by the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department in conjunction with the provincial press and Publication Bureau, the Provincial Bureau of radio and television to recommend reporting materials strictly audit, and submit the advanced collective province "double service selection work leading group, the news media publicity in the provincial capital, to ensure the recommended recognition of the open, fair and impartial.

7 advanced collectives, is a typical representative of the cultural activities carried out at the grassroots level in recent years. According to the central and provincial government to promote the cultural construction of the arrangements and requirements, they firmly establish a people-centered job oriented, combined with the local actual situation, reform and innovation, adhere to the culture for the people, cultural Huimin, grassroots level, rooted in agricultural and pastoral areas, enthusiastic service for the masses of farmers and herdsmen, in order to meet people’s spiritual and cultural the basic needs, rich cultural life of farmers and herdsmen, active exploration of "cultural income" road and prosperity of cultural market have made great efforts and achieved remarkable results, not only to win the market, but also won a reputation. People, such as the stage has become a mass cultural activities of the brand, has won the central, provincial and municipal awards and recognition. (author: Wang Yongchang)


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