The police express 900 thousand in your YuanJu fraud contract fraud case cracked

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news recently in Qinghai, Xining City Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade police after investigation for several months, will be involved in the 900 thousand yuan contract fraud suspects expensive from Beijing escorted back to Ning, partially recovered cheated money 44000 yuan.

from August 2006 to August 2007, City Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade has received a public report, some people use Sha Tang Chuan Xiang Huzhu County cement plant earthwork engineering contracting agreement signed with a number of people were fraud Pang Moumou 250 thousand yuan in cash, cash 100 thousand yuan, Liu Sichuan Jianlian Construction Company Limited cash 500 thousand yuan, Wang Moumou cash 50 thousand yuan, a total of more than 90 yuan in cash fraud after absconding, unaccounted for. City police received a report, the investigation found the whereabouts of the suspect Mopai, expensive, and in March 4, 2008 online pursuit, in a hotel in Beijing, the police will be hiding suspects captured in expensive. After the trial, the huge cost of its contract fraud confessed.

police also found, the company registered the use of deception expensive, did not actually inject capital, and the rental of the office, so that the number of victims cheated, the police once verified, expensive are suspected of another crime: Crime of false registered capital.

at present, the suspect has been expensive criminal detention, the case is under further investigation. (author: Wen Ling)


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