Gem set up a special level help innovation enterprise development

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Effects of

on the management policy, the new enterprise is more and more Chinese, the employment situation has eased, to further promote the development of China economy, the National People’s Congress, Julong shares chairman Liu Changqing suggested that the gem should set up a specialized level "to help the development of innovative enterprises   the National People’s Congress, recommended to receive Chinese Securities newspaper reporters Julong shares chairman Liu Changqing the day before, to relax the threshold of the capital market, make high technology and good product enterprises to obtain social capital support, which has a good market prospect of innovative products have the opportunity to quickly enter the market, promote the development of creative industries, help the adjustment of economic structure.

The innovation of enterprise financial support for

"rapid growth performance from what? I think a large part of the support of the capital market. Before the listing, the company can only rely on a few founders to organize production and sales. To enter the capital market, the introduction of social capital, has sufficient capital, enterprises can open their minds to make development strategy in line with the company’s capacity, funds will be reasonably applied to various aspects, while increasing market promotion." Liu Changqing introduction, since listing, the sales and profits of Julong shares have maintained rapid growth.

"emerging industry has become an important engine of China’s economy, the innovation of enterprise healthy development cannot do without financial support. In the new economic situation, build recommended

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