Xiamen wins the smoke from unit 20 thousand houses will be the curtain call

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Xiamen is a coastal city in China, which has been greatly developed since the reform and opening up. Its local housing prices are also in a growing state! This time, Xiamen wins the smoke from unit 20 thousand houses will be the curtain call, the specific information about us.

6 months, Xiamen will once again usher in the public land transfer, take the window period for the arrival of the real estate prices into the strong expectations, just need to choose the space again pressure. Insiders suggested that in Tongan, a new round of Xiangan to force the occasion, the family just need to demand should be clear and decisive shot.

then welcome the soil beat wave

has just become hot plate

, former National Bureau of statistics data show that in April Xiamen new commercial housing prices rose 5.3%, rising for 14 consecutive months, rose among the country’s 70 large and medium-sized city second; an increase of 21.7%, or the fourth.

prices rose from the beginning of the year up to April 22nd in Xiamen the first shot of soil suddenly accelerated. New with the most expensive land price lead effect, individual projects or even reached 6000 yuan / square meters, the overall price will be off the island into "three" era.

6 month 3 days, Xiamen will have two residential plots with the upcoming wins, smoke seems to have spread. Insiders said, regardless of whether the soil is more than the last shot the most expensive land prices, is experiencing a new round with the window period of Xiamen, homestead "demand" is still to the expected prices expected to rise into the strong.

by shoot this trend, several large plate island home boom turns to start. From last year to this year’s Maluan Bay Central East Sea, as for the center is inclined to the Tongan, Xiangan, once the price depression has been introduced, become hot.

just need to lift the pressure line

at 20 thousand houses will curtain

thus, leaving just need the time and space of the clan is not much. In the past two years, according to the Xiamen housing turnover total distribution showed that total 100-150 million in the residential property market to the first echelon, according to 80-100 square meters of housing to calculate the price for 1.25 – 15 thousand yuan / square meters of housing prices for customers just need to bear the main group.

now, just need the pressure line family was forced to have a substantial uplift: remote island, housing price below 20 thousand is about to become extinct, 30 thousand are generally become a reality.

look at the entire Xiamen below 20 thousand unit housing distribution, the "20 thousand times" has already become history recommended

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