How to resist the temptation of opportunity

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venture investment need to be cautious, this truth we all know, want to start a business, first of all to undertake the risk of entrepreneurship is, as everyone knows, the investment is risky, many people unprepared to "test the water", the result because of bad investments and officeholders hard, or even eliminated. Therefore, for small and medium entrepreneurs, how to correctly invest, avoid investment mistakes, it becomes the key to test the success of the water, which is a required course for success. However, entrepreneurship requires a lot of conditions, the most important thing is to have the courage to go to business, to overcome the fear of entrepreneurship requires a lot of work.

First of all,

, cognitive entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship problem solving.

entrepreneurship is the primary problem encountered in the capital, including the lack of savings, all property, liabilities, I do not know how to apply for loans to the bank and can not predict the total capital of the industry, the cost of. Although some entrepreneurs have intention to start, but due to lack of venture capital, often more than the heart and lack of strength. Although you can seek the loan related ways, but like youth entrepreneurship loans and micro enterprise loans, or business loan interest subsidies, must write the business plan, because many people don’t know how to write a business plan, suffer from the delay did not apply, so that the lack of funds to venture.


is a matter of personal characteristics.

refers to the lack of leadership, lack of coordination and communication skills, lack of planning ability, lack of financial management, lack of decision-making ability and lack of entrepreneurial personality traits, etc.. Although some people have the idea of entrepreneurship, but has been hovering between employment and entrepreneurship, both want to venture and worry about the risk of failure.

1, often hang back, a little fight to win or die determination, can not be determined to start, not enough positive results to a circle of entrepreneurial dream. To join the entrepreneurial path, the staff into the boss, the role must also be adjusted. The boss has the ability, including leadership, communication and coordination and supervision and management, must carry all the success or failure of responsibility, from a leading role into leadership role of others. Not as an employee, as long as their own share of things to do.

2, blood and energy input, will more than just as employees, and must be personally involved in it, please abandon pure investment business mentality, the boss personally put into play fighting force, must be higher than the staff, but also to have perseverance, defying setbacks blow. But some entrepreneurs, although there is business, but do not know the choice of industry? At the same time to worry about their own suitable for the industry, fearing the shop to do business must be daily taking care of the shop, open shop for not people, whether will be too hard and come to a standstill.

finally, is the lack of expertise. < / recommendation

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