Easy to start online shopping in China to guide you away from selling

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now seems to be selling in every aspect of our lives, but most people do not like the way to sell, or even a rejection of the psychological, see the sale of escape.

        the salesman saw such sign, either blind, or a hearty laugh, ha ha, it’s really good kind ah, every day to knock at the door with the same faces of the salesman, never change its stubborn face, more stubborn and force than salesman.

        thus, the omnipresent little sign, not the sales staff in the eyes of the joke? Who was he invented by? Hang Hang the brand of the enterprise, have not really thought about its role?

        and business partners have repeatedly discussed this topic, "declined to sell" what is the psychological effect of the product? In the end who is to sell?

        in the introduction of a lot of salesmen, the predecessors will be warned: "the customer’s refusal to like spring", "suspected goods is to buy goods". Although the newcomers can not find the feeling, as they sell

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