Underwear franchisee how to obtain sales opportunities

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with the development of the underwear market is now getting better and better, more and more entrepreneurs are investing in one of them, underwear franchisee how to obtain sales opportunities? It is worth exploring, followed by a small series together to see how to get a better underwear sales opportunities:

one, the investigation on the terminal

1, terminal selection is a long-term, significant investment, it can not be like a promotional activities, while the implementation of the side of the revised.

2, saying, the dog dog and chicken chicken married married, married to the right. In the store before the establishment of the brand underwear chain franchisee must be on the terminal brand positioning for inspection.

3, saying, the wine also afraid of deep alley! The selected location is the most important in the terminal inspection.

4, a good horse with a good saddle! Terminal hardware facilities is also the key to building a good shopping environment. Good ventilation facilities, elegant background music, spacious shopping channel, comfortable and harmonious overall color lighting, beautiful lingerie brand chain stores, fashion flavor Rest Area and so on are excellent environment embodies. These seemingly ordinary and subtle aspects are an excellent brand underwear chain stores should have the conditions, so in the chain of underwear brand franchisees must not overlook the details of the terminal.

two, analysis of the enemy, the enemy

analysis of the terminal in the local district, competitors survey in brand underwear franchise business, should also be based on its own conditions and surrounding the opponent to form an effective segment, in order to overcome the influence each other too close by, so that their talent shows itself! The first thing to do:

1, understanding competitor positioning: if you want to enter the near position, the opponents are business clothing brand, then you should consider business in some high-grade ladies, to form a difference positioning, so as to seize the initiative. Of course, the difference operation is not here to in a cut above others posture, but from their own management and regional management of two point of view, the formation of high and low collocation, to promote local business development, increase the vitality of this region.

2, to understand the competitor’s products: if the competitors are operating underwear, then you can consider operating casual wear, professional wear or fashion underwear to join, so that the effect may be better.

3, understanding competitor sales: This is especially critical. Most of the brands in the region are assumed in a slow-moving state, then your business brand how to drive the local district sales in one fell swoop? If most products >

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