Not all entrepreneurial chicken soup to listen to

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entrepreneurial chicken soup the more the better? In fact, not necessarily, some entrepreneurial chicken soup to help our business, it is necessary to listen to the appropriate or useful, but not all entrepreneurial chicken soup to listen to. Why entrepreneurship can not listen to chicken soup? We will make a specific analysis of the reasons for today.

A, investors flicker

in addition, some investors also promised to love with reliable fudge entrepreneurs, such as "I am optimistic about your project, to set up a team", "keep in touch", "if someone takes the lead us to vote" etc.. A famous domestic fund, known as good at finding young people and love investment from overseas to 90 known, they invited a group of students or young people working together to return home business, create the future "to" change the world "" Beijing is the next Silicon Valley "but in these people after returning home, responsible for their investment people have their jobs run away, leaving a paper contract their helpless and some young people, finally did not get a penny, a lot of projects have closed shop.

two, by the media flicker

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