Restaurant chain is important to improve the sales menu

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what is the way to improve the restaurant turnover? With the development of the food and beverage industry, many people have chosen to open a restaurant franchise, let us accept the following, the restaurant menu how to improve turnover?

The primary observation of

menu, the menu as customers in direct contact with food, its business in the restaurant chain, play a role in the process of nature can not be underestimated, the design of the restaurant menu can directly affect customer loyalty and desire for consumption, therefore, the data clearly introduced the design of restaurant menus and precautions, teach you better to seize the attention of customers, enhance the performance of the restaurant.

1. menu style selection

menu menu style, refers to the overall style, is the use of Chinese or western style? Classical or modern? Public or personality? Menu style choice, should join the catering business philosophy, cultural content and the main dishes of the same culture. As private enterprises, can choose the classical style, design style and mysterious; Home Dishes enterprises can choose the style with local characteristics; star hotel catering, according to the main dishes to choose Chinese or Western recipes, but have a common characteristic, namely the nobility.

2. menu material selection

menu material is an important carrier of culture communication menu. On the one hand, to consider whether the content of the design in this material with the best performance; on the other hand, how to make quality often from menu categories of material to infer this recipe, so how to infer this hotel. In general, the different material itself represents a different meaning.

3. menu design choices

menu design and menu menu style within the whole page. The overall design of the menu should also take into account the choice of material, therefore, this should be more communication with the designer. The overall design of the menu should be in line with the style of the restaurant, culture, grade, the shape of the menu, size, color, graphics, binding and so on need to be carefully considered. The main menu will generally cover colors consistent with the store’s overall decoration style, focus on the design and color inside page is the sharpness of the image, it has a great relationship with the level of photography. In addition, the color of the text and pictures and the impact of a strong sense of color, font size, easy to understand, can clearly express.

4. conform to the aesthetic habits of customer groups

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