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is now an information society, only to grasp the latest information, to understand what is happening at the moment, to be based on society, enhance their competitiveness. Therefore, to open a newsstand, when people meet the pursuit of information. So, how to choose the newsstand? Might as well come to understand.

chain newsstand has become the main form of newspapers and retail terminal. The combination mode of the wholesalers and retailers reduces the corresponding intermediate links, greatly saves the cost and increases the efficiency. The most important factor in the operation of a chain of newspapers and periodicals is the location. On the newsstand chain company, network planning is a key to the success of their business; for investors and operators hope to join the chain newsstand, location is an important factor to determine the success or failure of investment and business success.

from existing kiosks, the main address is as follows. The first is the traffic sites, such as the bus station, subway station, train station, bus station and so on; the second is the business district, such as CBD, usually in the office buildings are concentrated in the area; the third category is a large public entertainment and activities, such as shopping malls, cinemas etc.; fourth is a residential area. There are advantages and disadvantages in each area. But how to assess the merits of a detailed address?

A, four local factors need to be considered

1. competitor status

location is ideal around no competition, but in fact is not possible. Therefore, in the selection of the selected region before the competitors have a preliminary solution, including location, traffic and operating income, etc..

2. surrounding crowd status

The demographic characteristics of

Minimum amount of investment in


4. policy legal conditions

in the new or renovated old newsstand newsstand to ascertain whether accord with the city planning and construction of local laws and regulations, especially to understand various restrictions.

two, press circle, press the remaining amount of consumption and consumption of paper consumption saturation index


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