How to choose the brand of clothing to join the brand clothing store

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improve the standard of living, people’s demand for the brand clothing bursting, so many entrepreneurs have joined the brand clothing to get rich. For the clothing brand choice, many entrepreneurs have made a difficult, I do not know how to choose.

some anxious to join too, read the relevant documents provided by the headquarters time-consuming, they chose to listen to the headquarters or their agents for oral presentation. Franchisee must pay attention to not impulsive, to the headquarters of the formal signing of the written documents issued shall prevail. If there is any objection to the interpretation of the written documents, it shall require the headquarters to issue a written explanation of the document, and do not take any account of the verbal commitment of the staff at any level, or they will have disputes in the future operation.

This is a very important point:

one can have a better understanding of the project; two is to inspect the headquarters management capacity.

credit investigation Credit Organization headquarters

the franchisee can not just listen to the headquarters of the story, we should take all kinds of channels to understand the situation of headquarters. In addition to the above mentioned model shop open, but also through the credit status based credit investigation institutions, especially foreign franchise enterprise or its agent has just started franchising in China, more careful investigation.

get from professionals such as lawyers, auditors, accountants there

as individual franchisees, professional knowledge is limited, so the decision to invest before, should ask the professionals, such as lawyers, auditors, accountants, franchising expert to consult, the best ask them to participate in the negotiation process.

headquarters will generally offer investment and return on investment in the "manual", but this often has a certain moisture, may reduce the investment amount, hide individual items, exaggerated return. Franchisee should be based on this, take full account of the possible investment situation, clearly accounting for investment, return and risk. Implement your own sources of funding, not beyond the scope of their own.

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