Turkey stanbul explosion has caused 10 deaths confirmed as S

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Turkey, Istanbul, 12 local time explosion, as of now has resulted in 10 dead and 15 injured. Turkey’s prime minister says the attack has been confirmed by ISIS.

"I condemn the terrorist attacks in Istanbul. The attack was carried out by a suicide bomber from Syria." Turkey’s president El’s 12 on the day the expression of indignation in the center of the Istanbul bombings. According to Reuters, 12, Istanbul, central Ahmad square, Sultan, a sudden explosion, killing at least 10 people were killed and 15 injured. Soil total Lidawute Oulu 12 confirmed the attack by the Islamic state (IS) for.

Turkey "daily morning news" reported that the explosion was so powerful that neighboring regions can be heard. A woman in the vicinity of the incident to work in the antique shop, told the Reuters reporter, the explosion sounds great, we were surprised, and quickly ran away, but also saw the broken limbs". CNN said that after the explosion, a large number of security personnel and ambulances into Sultan Ahmad square. Turkey’s Anatolia news agency reported that the police cordoned off the scene of the explosion, to prevent the emergence of the two explosion. Bomb squad has also rushed to the scene. Turkey authorities have issued a temporary ban on the broadcast of the explosion related content.

12, according to the latest news, Mr Davutoglu said in Ankara, Turkey that attackers are foreigners from IS. Earlier, Turkey’s "freedom" said on its website, the security department is convinced that a suicide bomber associated with the IS and the explosion were linked. But the source has not been officially confirmed.

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