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shop entrepreneurship everywhere is learning, every detail determines success or failure. Some entrepreneurs want to open their own clothing store, so not only to provide customers with fashionable and innovative products, but also very important store decoration. In the decoration process, in order to achieve a good effect, the use of color is very important, how to use color clothing store decoration?

a, color function

help to complete the whole project;

expresses the designer’s idea and the style of the clothing store;

make the whole clothing store atmosphere coordination;

has the function of integration and arrangement to the overall design;

has the function of distinguishing different content and purpose.

The color of the

product depends on its solid color and the influence of the light source, therefore, the color of the product has a great relationship with the lighting

two, the role of color

1, the color of feelings

different colors can make people feel different, warm, bright, lively and enthusiastic will have such feelings, cool colors will cause a serene, quiet, sedate, negative feeling.

in addition, in terms of the use of color, some colors have a warm, cheerful atmosphere, some colors are negative, indifferent. These will vary according to the customs and habits, so we should pay attention to and make use of the color plan.

2, the brightness of feelings

high brightness color is bright, is lively, lively, with bright characteristics, low lightness color is dark, it’s quiet, sedate feeling, the color should be rational use according to the purpose of exhibition.

3, the purity of the emotional role of

The purity of the

is the saturation of the color, the purity of the difference will result in a simple or gorgeous different feeling, in general, low purity of color will produce a sense of simplicity and elegance, and vice versa, feeling gorgeous and warm.

three, the color of the atmosphere to create

color design is the first to serve the atmosphere to create a store, and color can do this, it is the emotional characteristics and rich expression.

people are very color

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