Fujian natural gas prices have lowered the price of your province

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natural gas in our lives is an important source of energy for our lives to provide a great convenience, but the price of natural gas has been controversial. According to the requirements of the reform of natural gas prices in Fujian Province, Fuzhou City Price Bureau to adjust the life of urban residents in Fuzhou with sales of piped natural gas prices, price based sales down 0.79 yuan per cubic meter, from 3.65 yuan / cubic meter adjusted to 2.86 yuan / cubic meter, from today onwards see copy volume.

and upstream linkage price adjustment

1 months ahead of publicity

Fuzhou Municipal Price Bureau to carry out the deployment of Fuzhou’s natural gas sales price and price cost supervision and examination work from the beginning of the year, to urban residents living with the sales pipeline of natural gas price adjustment programs, and in September 13th this year, held a "Fuzhou city resident Guan Daotian natural gas sales price and sales price with the upstream natural gas terminal sales the price linkage", and opened the window in the hearing of the Fuzhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission website, solicit opinions and suggestions of the community.

It is reported that

, the hearing participants and the community put forward "to ensure the timeliness and accuracy of reading" and "the implementation of the price linkage, the price adjustment to advance publicity", the municipality has been adopted.

in the future, Fuzhou city residents living with gas pipeline terminal sales prices and upstream sales price linkage, when the provincial Price Bureau according to the linkage mechanism to adjust the upstream gate gas prices, price departments will be based on the city gate station upstream gas price changes, timely adjustment of urban residents to use natural gas pipeline terminal sales price 1 months earlier, and to the public.

three different price range

per household per year at least 150 yuan

previously heard program residents living pipeline natural gas sales price from 3.65 yuan / cubic meter down to $3.19 / cubic meter. Sales price adjustment in the implementation of more than hearing program, the main reason is that in October 1st this year, the provincial Price Bureau in accordance with the provisions of the linkage mechanism of the natural gas station once again lowered the sales price, so the Fuzhou city residents living with gas pipeline prices down 0.33 yuan / cubic meters per cubic metre, two times the price adjustment after the total cut 0.79 yuan, from 3.65 yuan / cubic meters down to 2.86 yuan / cubic meter.

in accordance with the implementation of the ladder gas price system in July last year, Fuzhou city residents living with piped natural gas price ladder 1: 1.2: 1.5 of the corresponding adjustment:

first recommended in gas consumption

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