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            Baidu yesterday, Chongqing Electronic Commerce Association website second branch of the Chongqing Internet Conference held at the majestic hotel.

Chongqing morning news reporter   Zhang Xiao   photo

The newspaper news (reporter

        Dante; intern; Xia Xue) "I think your point of this project is spread too widely, the possibility of failure is very large, did not think through." "You are in fact the middleman’s price difference, but in the future of e-commerce era, this intermediary will disappear, so I will not vote for you this project." Yesterday, at the Fuli Hotel in Chongqing, more than one hundred Internet webmaster gathered, launched a venture investment open up a fresh outlook preview, the winner will have the opportunity to get 1 million of the risk investment.

more than and 100 owners in the 50 millionaire

According to the

website of Chongqing Electronic Commerce Association branch secretary Chen Yaojian introduction, the conference sponsored by the China largest search engine Baidu, the more than and 100 owners, 90% are the CEO of the website, the website profit more than half of the average age of less than 28 years old. There are tens of millions of financing Witkey website "this pig" CEO Zhu Mingyue, the first company in Chongqing was one of the 163888 founder international risk investment Wang Yuhua, many small and medium-sized webmaster come from. Chen said: "at least more than and 50 people have been worth more than one million."

it is reported that Chongqing is currently engaged in these profitable websites are no longer limited to entertainment, music, video and other fields, began to come up with a lot of real estate, automotive, talent and other industry sites.

Chongqing Electronic Commerce Association Branch Director Luo website said: "the growth of industry website demonstrated that the Internet industry in Chongqing has been very mature, the future Chongqing will appear more and more to the industry website."

version of the CCTV "win PK

in Chinese scene

in yesterday’s Conference on the Internet, the most is a live show – "win in Chongqing", completely imitate the CCTV brand name program "win in China", by the four Chongqing Internet webmaster site with three risk investment project representatives face to face negotiations.


activity, the owners of the individual self, and project team, and then by investing in the last four questions, according to the site webmaster performance, select the winning project, the winners will be expected to be from a local Chongqing 1 million risk investment.


project is a webmaster from 0 – 15 years old children’s education industry, because the idea of profit is too long, attracted the judges questioned, "do you think this business model is too wide, you need a large amount of investment, is not suitable for you this enterprise, I suggest you read from this head, focus on good point."

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