Transformation of social networking sites break happy network to buy up

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recently, happy network announced that from October onwards, happy to buy products and customer service will be handed over to the F mission, happy network will only provide third party platform services. The domestic and foreign social networking giants invariably start the group purchase business "subtraction", in giving up independent operators at the same time, gradually increase in the downstream industry chain research group purchase group purchase business pace, the social networking site is seeking a breakthrough in transition.

happy net to buy

according to the introduction, in addition to F and group cooperative group purchase group purchase website happy other components (such as the United States and other groups) still can cooperate with the happy network through the third party application open platform, or the use of advertising activities, third party connection way, marketing network platform in time.

shortly before, Facebook closed in April this year, the launch of the group buying service, while at the same time, Google quietly launched in China in recent years, when the benefits of the group search service. This is followed by Baidu, another search engine big brother to enter the field of Chinese buy. A scouring network group purchase rebate function has also been launched in the near future, the handle, the U.S. group, including nearly 600 domestic mainstream group purchase website.

, senior Internet analyst at consulting is the founder of Lu uncle said: "happy net to try new business cooperation model with platform identity, out of direct competition with the group purchase website, be wise." Similarly, several platform websites are to avoid group purchase "gold", instead of "selling", the strategy is clearly the key point of the strategy is also different approaches but equally satisfactory results, these enterprises in the future in the group purchase industry chain break.

fierce competition to buy gold

industry insiders believe that the group purchase is currently in the explosive growth of the trough. The number of domestic buy site has reached as many as more than 5 thousand. Some websites too dependent on capital, development speed, scale did not follow the commercial law, highly similar products and services, market operation means and business model is exactly the same, the harsh environment in the homogenization of competition, it is difficult to form the obvious advantage of the difference. "The bubble is as fast as the ozone layer, and this winter will come soon." Wang Huiwen, vice president of the U.S. group net had the first to throw out the winter theory".

however, group purchase website as an emerging market, although the competition is nearing intense but the industry is still growing, to expand the scale of the first experience of growing pains. U.S. technology blog BusinessInsider wrote that the day before, although the group purchase industry is currently facing numerous criticisms, but because for the benefit of both consumers and businesses, so the industry will continue to develop, and will not disappear.

buy site may not have reached the stage of the pursuit of profit, nor as everyone said, into a winter. In fact, it is early spring." F group CEO lin ning optimistic about the future.

this is Baidu, a Amoy, Google bullish buy market, and have launched a group search and buy buy >

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