How to realize the effect of network marketing plan implementation

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I started every month from the customer network of integrated marketing consulting from March this year, also created six network marketing planning scheme, it is regrettable that only a successful and with the implementation of the following is the practice of leaving QQ100315930 and related wise remark of an experienced person, hope to communicate with


I. The relationship between network promotion and network marketing

enterprise in network marketing and planning at first to find out a set of concepts that distinguish network marketing and network marketing:

what is the network promotion? As network marketing planners must be familiar with all kinds of network promotion methods Baidu encyclopedia "network promotion" introduced and practical application, the promotion method of how specific applications are tried and make analysis, otherwise everything is empty. Network promotion is to use the Internet to promotion from the concept, we can find that network promotion is brought to the enterprise through the network after the promotion of the world rankings, site traffic, traffic, the registration and so on (note that these can be manual intervention), aims to expand the visibility and influence of the object (this is the the evaluation index, network promotion but very abstract).

what is the network marketing network marketing? Is a name with all kinds of network marketing platform for information dissemination to promote or enhance the image of the sales process, it includes: one is to choose the network marketing platform, such as blogs, forums, the third party e-commerce platform; two is the spread of network marketing has a reputation, rather than simply the hair of the chain; three is the essence of network marketing is the dissemination of information, the information should be included in commercial important elements; four is the purpose of network marketing is to promote sales or enhance the image! We should pay special attention to the network marketing is not only the website promotion, also not only is brought online sales, network marketing work effect of various performances, such as on line of product sales promotion, customer service support and expand the company’s brand help etc..

summary: network promotion is the core work of network marketing, the two can not be confused, generally think network promotion tend to converge popularity such as webmaster site or enterprise to give word of mouth publicity, and network marketing is more apt to sales oriented enterprises network.

two. Enterprise implementation of network marketing to


enterprise to the network marketing? For most of the traditional enterprise network marketing is the marketing stage of a part and is not dominant, but any enterprise can not be separated from the network marketing, network marketing has the advantages of traditional marketing There is nothing comparable to this:

the role of the macro marketing environment: (1) the time of network marketing: beyond the time limit, whenever relevant information exists on the network, potential customers can know the latest information of the enterprises in the first time, the enterprise may establish business contacts with potential customers and. (2) regional: network marketing out of the geographical restrictions, no matter what

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