2011 mobile nternet products are difficult to earn big brother set layout ecological chain

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said that if the group purchase of cloud computing, and represents the field in 2011 the most popular Internet and mobile Internet technology, provides more horrible imagination, this is one of the "ten times in the eyes of Lei Jun future Internet scale" arena: LBS, mobile, mobile IM, mobile operating system model…… Entrepreneurs and bigwigs are just here on your way, the 2011 reporters cannot fully replay mobile Internet, can from the representative product of commercial revolution, explore and appreciate this wave platform layout.

product Revolution:

is not just WeChat and rice chat war

first, behind the two products are stubbornly defines two men of War: the chairman, chairman of millet, Lei Jun and Ma Huateng the board of directors of Tencent. From the Internet TABLES for having heard it many times "factions" of the dispute, to 3Q printing on war behind the Lei Jun play a key to Mr. legend, Lei Jun took over the marriage of Jinshan Tencent, how many escape the love and hate between characters ray boss and the elder brother of the pony, and a node of the story can talk from m chat and WeChat, this is the limelight this year the Sheng and products by users for having heard it many times.

in the past few days, Tencent announced a high-profile WeChat data: the number of users 50 million, of which 20 million active users. Tencent joint chief technology officer Xiong Minghua interpretation, Tencent has invested hundreds of millions of dollars on WeChat, the product team grew from 10 people to the initial more than and 80. In Tencent Inc, the positioning of WeChat is a product between QQ and micro-blog, the status can be imagined. According to some internal news, next year, the main direction of Tencent strategy is WeChat, video and electricity providers, micro-blog actually followed.

and the biggest competitor for WeChat, Lei Jun said, m chat the number of users has exceeded 10 million.

According to

statistics Analysys International, WeChat and M chat in the three quarter of this year IM mobile account cumulative market share were 2.5% and 0.5%, is the only two with a single meaning to the data of mobile IM new products. In front of them is a mobile version of the traditional IM four QQ, MSN, Fetion, Ali Wangwang. To judge the same evaluation Analysys WeChat, m chat development with most people: WeChat inherited the Tencent products abundant resources spread rapidly and fine tradition, m chat is relatively stable.

, however, some analysts believe that the difference in the number of paper is not the true distance between the two. Because the strategic focus of the two companies have looked part company each going his own way. There is a saying, Lei care is the integration of software and hardware of whole system, m chat just early adopters and temptation type applications, "if he can sell 2 million mobile phone millet, m chat is not afraid of others property".

more insiders told reporters, as a purely originated in the mobile device IM tools, rather than between them in fierce competition, it is better to say that they have more similar muzzle outside, feel bitter should be the message >

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