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the number of top-level domain names and changes in the composition of the last year

Beijing time on May 31st morning news, the United States IT infrastructure service provider VeriSign report released on Monday, at the end of the first quarter of 2011, the world’s top domain name registration volume reached 209 million 800 thousand, compared with the fourth quarter of last year growth of 4 million 500 thousand, an increase of 2.2%; compared to the same period last year growth of 15 million 300 thousand, an increase of 7.9%.

over the past year, the top ten registered domain names are:.Com,.De,.Net,.Uk,.Org,.Info,.Nl,.Eu,.Cn, and.Ru. Although the world has more than and 240 top-level domain names, but in the past year, the total number of all registrations in the ten domain names in the 61%.

Although the.Jp,.Uk,.Ca

and.Us to the national top-level domain suffix is referred to as an increase of 5.1%, but the.Com and.Net and other traditional top-level domain is still being sought, the total amount of up to 108 million, the fourth quarter of last year, newly registered 8 million 300 thousand. This type of domain name renewal rate is higher, the proportion of up to 73.8%.

but this does not mean that the country referred to as the suffix of the top-level domain did not get a substantial increase,.Uk instead of.Org, to become the top fourth domain name. .nl and.Eu are also rising, while China’s.Cn has declined. The two largest increase in the domain name is Australia’s.Au and Canada’s.Ca.

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