The internal employees of Jingdong mergers and Acquisitions the heart has spread fast and easy wait

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The marriage of

Jingdong and Tencent, fast and easy to position the most uncomfortable, although on the surface it is an independent development of the electricity supplier, but the future of the Jingdong entered has been duly completed things, this gap and fast and easy to do the target is not clear, do not know what to do to better integrate.

is in such an awkward occasion of independence and merger, a lot of recent fast and easy rumors, but also the director level personnel cut, but also the business sector moved to Yangzhou. M & a so big, will naturally have a different perspective version of ordinary employees is what feel? The author interviewed easion insiders, here are excerpts.

: did you hear that Liu Qiangdong gave you a good meeting in March 10th,


yes, it was said to be divided into Jingdong shares. But in fact, we are not too seriously, I know little hope, and later it will continue to leave some of my colleagues.

– yes, I also know that some of the left, how do you still stay in Yi Xun?


you might know, is in the Tencent and the Jingdong, Yi Xun employees again signed a contract, which involves the June 30th compensation plan, of course, you can also be understood as a reward, in a fast and easy work to that point in time will give a fee. If not this should be in March and April, Yi Xun will appear a lot of personnel loss.

you should know the network launched a " ECC ", a colleague of special recruitment; shop is dug directly. July should have a number of staff turnover.

– that June 30th compensation plan is not stable?

yes, if the Jingdong has been listed at that time, then this plan will be successful, some time ago, IPO is not very successful, three times subscription. This stability is still relatively large.

– how fast is the mentality of employees?

we are more pessimistic. Because first, we feel easy fast does not exist for a long time; second, based on our support is continuing to decline, although now do the same, but we all know that no resources to promote; third, we all know that the future is combined to the Jingdong, so now there should be someone to tell us in the future how integration, content and method, it is too much of the unknown, let us see the development, so it is more pessimistic.

– how do leaders face the pessimism of employees?

you understand wrong, in fact, is the leadership of the mentality of the staff attitude. If the leadership mentality is good, the staff will not be so, in fact, the boss has been very negative, all aspects of enthusiasm to reduce, so the attitude of the staff is also becoming negative, we sat down, and so on in June 30th. In fact, many VP levels have been selected to leave, not

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