Taobao will improve the evaluation system

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said: the improvement of the original intention of exposure of real experience changes in buyers in the transaction process, reference information to provide users with more real and complete; the seller real service information as much as possible out of the disclosure, improve the malicious bad operating costs.

Taobao evaluation system to improve the key points

1, will be displayed at the front of the rating change process


2, review the contents of a publication shall not be modified, modify delete, the original evaluation content is still displayed in front of


3, buyers modify, delete evaluation should be given a reasonable reason


4, the seller can respond to the buyer’s reason


so the evaluation system can really improve the cost of malicious evaluation, really can play a more realistic, complete reference information? The following is the blue sky Pavilion point of view, welcome to discuss!

A. retain the original evaluation, will reduce the cost of mining market

bad teacher is the best prey, the difference in assessment is very concerned about the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper must let the poor teacher easier to attack and blackmail. Show the revision process score at the front desk, you can easily see the store artificially modify how many times to persuade the difference in assessment, thus, can easily judge the degree of care for the poor in the shopkeeper. Of course, there is also an advantage, is to allow buyers through the reference evaluation, that shopkeeper attitude towards customers


two. Should the buyer and seller have one chance?

1 from the buyer’s point of view:

in the evaluation and evaluation, is very emotional, and the impact of the evaluation of the negative emotions may not be caused by the store. But many buyers of products lack of cognition, such as buy walnut pliers to send iron buyers think that in order to increase the postage; 1 months ago met buyers because of the wrong film products to apply for a refund, but to a bad. These "unwarranted" difference is judged whether the buyer a "sin" opportunity


2 from the seller’s point of view:

customers too much, too busy to think customer service is another customer service is not to say the wrong thing or turned into weeks, or send the wrong goods, or the new customer service was too slow with the difference in assessment, whether to give this shop a chance even? To restore the praise, but bad record is still in focus, how will the buyer attention or praise, on record in the poor? This is not


blue sky

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