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Abstract: "to tear it, this is her latest venture to fight APP boot, while the word, Yu Fengjie has been through celebrity career. In December 2nd, she made a long article in the micro-blog open to tear Dong Mingzhu, saying "since a lot of people because of jealousy I scold me, that I had to invest in a fight to meet everyone APP."

"tear it up".

This is the latest

Xifeng investment APP "naughty" boot, and the word has always been in her celebrity career.

December 2nd, Xifeng in micro-blog made a long article on tear Dong Mingzhu, "Dong Mingzhu what today, please call me angel (investors)!" "since a lot of people because I envy in scold me, that I had to invest in a fight to meet everyone APP."

according to the entertainment capital of the Amoy peel off team interview, they are the earliest private letter through micro-blog this way, to establish a cooperative relationship in August this year and Xifeng, development course, in addition to a brief meeting in the United States, the two party does not meet. But this process is rough, let Fengjie "reputation for horse", "angel ring into rash and too much in haste".

and wash off the guest team is also a typical 90 entrepreneurial team, such as Yu Jiawen, Zhang Tianyi, Ma Jiajia, and so the 90 entrepreneurial team. On the surface, "Amoy pimp" team and Fengjie is two of the world, but on the topic of social assurance, they are very much in the spirit of.

in fact, Xifeng these years once put on the colored label, red net, cosmetic, female star critics and commentators in the United States, the Chinese phoenix, writer, entrepreneur (in this year to do beauty O2O financing), finally, at the end of 2015, she found the hot current label angels for yourself.

in this regard, the entertainment capital also specially interview "naughty" team, know Fengjie is how to become angels? Do what most investors Xifeng? Why team members want to call her "Miss Luo" instead of Xifeng? Perhaps behind in these problems, we can also see that the pain and joy of her dreams, and illusion.

naughty off the team’s Guan Fengjie called "Ms.", called "Fengjie", they always feel a little ironic smell. Small entertainment interview process, but also to remind ourselves, well, called Miss Luo, as if to make her feel more now.

Luo called fight APP, it should be said that the debate APP". The name of the Amoy is also from the "Topicer" transliteration, meaning "like the topic of debate". As the name suggests, this is a topic of debate based on light social APP, the team behind the most is 90, they want to create a "national flower", let each person here, have the opportunity to become a fan of Tiantian, Ma Weiwei and Xiao xiao.

in the beginning, only to find her naughty guests do simple cooperation, "

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