Micro life chance of failure only WeChat can save Gao Peng

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re $30 million financing, let friends revitalized, in fact for the biggest gain in terms of friends is not a mere 30 million dollars, which is finally turning the opportunity, this opportunity is the Tencent of WeChat. Peng in the current situation of the group buying market is extremely worrying, has long been unable to keep up with the ranks of the team, if you want to turn over the money to borrow only WeChat this ship, the failure of micro life to provide the opportunity to turn over Gao peng.


‘s hesitation is to take care of brothers or foster son

Tencent want to borrow WeChat the development of local life service has long been known to all, but the Tencent stall too, many would like to use the WeChat internal team, the potential is a game between beyond count, and with the local life service for Twitter Life and friends there interest group purchase dispute.


and Twitter Life Gaopeng from the date of birth is a pair of lovers, one father, but Twitter Life is the Tencent’s own son, friends just a son, this is destined to be high in the first round of the WeChat platform in the battle for the Tencent was abandoned. Gaopeng and Twitter Life competition started in the fourth quarter of last year, in mid September last year, caifutong joint Twitter Life attempting to use the WeChat platform to build a large complementary industry, while friends yet to complete the integration with F group and QQ group purchase, but by mid November from WeChat to launch micro group purchase, the sole responsibility of friends this allows the industry, a lot of high expectations. But Twitter Life moves more rapidly at the beginning of November, the acquisition of a dedicated CRM marketing company card, which laid the development of local life service Twitter Life membership card mode. Since then, Twitter Life and Gaopeng local life services, a left to do a membership card, a right to do and achieve development needs group purchase, with the WeChat platform to push the two sides.

is the end result of WeChat chose to support Dai Zhikang’s Twitter Life team for WeChat local life service business building, presumably this is Ma Huateng to Zhang Xiaolong behest, after all Twitter Life Tencent son, just 3/10 sons and Gaopeng Tencent, in the circumstances of WeChat should support Twitter Life. The fact that the results also proved this point, the news from the outside world, since the beginning of this year on the WeChat Twitter Life news constantly, and Gaopeng’s WeChat micro group purchase almost disappeared, until recently re Gaopeng Tencent and Groupon injection until there has been news about micro group purchase.

Twitter Life failed to get the opportunity to Tencent to power


friends again won thanks to financing Twitter Life membership card failure, there are a lot of Twitter Life membership card failure interpretation, do not repeat here. At the beginning of the development of local life services to choose WeChat micro life team understandable, and the first attempt to defeat the micro life is also reasonable thing. Local life service is very important for Tencent in terms of, with the advantage of WeChat, the Tencent to seize the opportunities in the local life services market, but Ali, Baidu never give up the local life services market, especially Ali has voted.

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