An Dongsheng Xi’an lecture how micro era traditional enterprise transformation

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is now more and more difficult to do business, where profits are gone? Small and medium-sized enterprises bigger and stronger, how leveraging? In the Internet world, what is called the wool fleece, pigs to pay? Mobile phone millet hunger marketing done fast, traditional enterprises how to use


to help entrepreneurs in Xi’an efficient use of network marketing, enhance corporate performance. In December 26th, a wonderful case analysis of the whole network marketing strategy class "was held at the Queen Hotel, Bill Gates in the field of marketing planning, China e-commerce real mentor an Dongsheng teacher to share" the key transformation of traditional enterprise mobile era of success with more than 500 entrepreneurs".

is now selling pancakes are learning the mother of micro marketing, and this is the trend." A medical device company official said, pay attention to the wisdom of the Internet era economy. More and more people come to the Internet to find a single appliance company". She is clearly aware that many small business owners are barbaric growth before, and now it is a formal

After the launch of

network marketing, her company in less than a year of rapid development, network orders continue, many well-known companies have come through the network. The network broke the geographical restrictions, its business development to the province outside the province.

hero. An Dongsheng said that small business owners need to pay attention to the traditional mode of operation to change the network business model. In the information society, in order to avoid the fate of being eliminated, all enterprises must study and use of e-commerce, followed by mobile commerce, such as the trend of the times.

"for many companies, many business operators of an enterprise can not smart, can not Idea, can not wisdom, but the operator must have certain judgment, to determine what will happen in the future, which determines how far he can lead the company on this train go."

, chairman of Dongsheng information group, Dongsheng is committed to helping traditional companies on the Internet, "take off". At present, the founder of the "build the enterprise network system to make money fast" course has run more than 100 sessions, lectures benefiting 17800 small and medium-sized enterprises, is the number of China training most, one of the most influential curriculum. Has helped three companies successfully listed.

is now the National Federation of quality inspection is the largest private testing institutions in the early stages of entrepreneurship is also very bumpy. AQSIQ Yang Zengjun, founder of the United States in March 8, 2013 to accept the Dongsheng information group for one year of service, really embarked on a fast track electricity supplier. He said: "if the Dongsheng information hiding a year earlier together, now I will certainly be better development of enterprises. Fast fish eats the slow times, traditional enterprises should as soon as possible into the e-commerce, otherwise it will become obsolete."

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