Festival marketing to go or go make a slip of the tongue heart and kidney

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in either business or traditional Internet companies are focus on the abnormal holiday marketing today, holiday marketing in the end how should I do? What holiday marketing is to "make a slip of the tongue hand", or "take heart kidney"? Choose the most suitable marketing mode, attract the audience’s attention, resulting in the topic discussed, further the formation of word of mouth, eventually converging to a strong influence, promote brand marketing and product sales.


Spring Festival this year, Internet marketing can be said to reach a peak, whether the number of cases, or the way and effect. The most recent girls’ Day was a hard hit by the enterprises. Recently, Tsinghua and Peking University male students and female students are about the movie news was very hot, the beginning I did not realize that this is a marketing event, because the whole brand exposed, until Baidu Nuomi stand out tickets at the north gate, I came to realize that this is a Baidu Nuomi planning.

this case so I have some inspiration, in which want to chat in either business or traditional Internet companies will focus on the abnormal holiday marketing today and everyone, holiday marketing what should I do? What holiday marketing is to "make a slip of the tongue hand", or "heart left kidney"


marketing: Marketing failed to make a slip of the tongue, but the business model of failure

called the "go hand make a slip of the tongue" and "heart left kidney", the author summarizes the major festival is on the four direction of the marketing case definition, or four modes. To make a slip of the tongue pattern, has two meanings, one is the audience with daily life most needed "food" as a marketing breakthrough; two is the marketing and promotional activities, to attract the customers "word of mouth". In this model, the most representative of the traditional stores and shopping malls.

whether it is shopping or shopping malls, often during the holiday season, especially for food products, impose a substantial rebate to attract customers to buy. Many people think that stores and shopping malls, LOW is very outdated marketing practices, but in fact they are very down to earth. Low price, Xianmu Duitou, commodity rich, occasional broadcasting, surging customers…… Apply the Internet concept of the scene, which is actually the most real life scenes. In this situation can not jump off who will unknowingly buy something.

It is worth mentioning that the

, the Internet is very popular, explosive goods this argument, it is precisely the use of the supermarket explosion product concept. Users in the Internet to attract users with explosive products, and then find the appropriate business model from a large number of user groups before the commercial realization, supermarkets, shopping malls, shopping malls have long been the direct use of explosive products to promote sales. Speaking of this, we do not think of the mind every morning, a bunch of old man in front of the supermarket queue to buy eggs


so, make a slip of the tongue model is a very effective way of marketing, not only is very effective, and is closely related to sales, "

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