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      Google after the acquisition of a happy video originator Youtube once brought the domestic video industry had been silent for a long time. VC’s cash, so many people in the industry for the development of local video website concerns.

"first echelon" video website contention of a hundred schools of thought

06 years known as the first year of Chinese video website, there are so many video sites, some people say there are two hundred or three hundred, also said there is investment risk investment, a more than one. In fact, frankly speaking, China’s Internet industry does not have a home to get so much money, this is the first step; the second step you want to develop their own way. So I say 07 years is very fun for a year, you go your way, I go my way, to show everyone the The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea, development and utilization of their resources, will be very fun. I think the first echelon will finally All flowers bloom together., contention of a hundred schools of thought.

video advertising market may appear giant

I come out from the portal, a major advantage to understand the portal is the flow and user advantage. As an independent website and other websites can also compete, but competition does exist and portal pressure, so for us, the equivalent of dancing on the shoulders of giants in cooperation with Baidu, this is my idea of a start, later on when the two sides hit it off. I kept my focus and the user experience as an independent website, and danced on the shoulders of giants. But my goal is to develop independently, independent listing, this is my first thought. Because I think the future of video sites in this area will be large enough in such a large market, there must be an independent development.

now has a forecast that we look at how big the market, and now the entire video advertising market is about two or three billion in size, in fact, quite small. However, it is predicted that by 2010, the entire video advertising site will be the size of 3 billion 500 million yuan, which is what the concept? TV ad 1/10! The 05 years of China’s entire Internet advertising is only $3 billion. So I think this market is big enough, in which a big Mac, independent success, independent listing is entirely possible.

the key to success: take a step further than others

I have shared the experience of investors to choose investment projects, I sum up two. First, the market, the two team. From the market, it may be the market is not large, but in the future will be very large, video in line with this standard. Bill Gates’s words gave me a lot of motivation: no one watches TV in front of the TV in the next five years. In other words, the content of the video player is likely to be transferred from the TV network. I also see, in 05 – 06 years when the bandwidth of the improvement of the environment, including Flash mode, makes a single video bandwidth small lot, all changes to predict prospects and the reality of the physical environment, so I deeply realize the video industry is a good industry, is a must now.

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