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mixed in the webmaster network for half a year, every day, whether it is soft Wen, or the industry consulting, I have insisted on watching.. on the network has almost become a habit…

I am a student webmaster, do stand for two years. Just started doing some dumpster, also brought a few $GG, stimulation of interest. Now do station classification of campus information station, there is no income, not every day watching GG income, not in the observed daily traffic, not in the daily observation of Baidu revenues, but more practical.

perhaps, practical is to do stand spirit. But do your own content, offer you some useful things is the kingly way. Always believe that a website to change at least to achieve a certain aspect of the impact of the Internet users have their actual value. Calm down, every day, bit by bit, accumulation… Time will tell us you’re right…

maybe someone will say, do exist to stand, can not see the GG income? Can not see the traffic every day? Can? Can? Perhaps that is why personal website is impetuous, the reason is easy to fail… Perhaps, this is the advantage of the students, it is easier to get rid of these troubles, at least I am not to make money for the purpose of… Our eyes are always looking forward, the eyes of some of the revenue and what is it? The students are the main owners of the webmaster in the next few years.

do stand is a long-term plan, not short-term, if you want to do short-term, according to the garbage station practice. Otherwise, please be careful. Get down, the road ahead is waiting for us.

for the first time to write articles, a bit messy, but are some personal feelings.

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