Rather than care about Wang Feng how to do the event marketing

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yesterday morning, Wang Feng pulled into the so-called and China’s new song, students Xu Xu Yan pornographic video event, was a headline.

soon, the program producers Canxing stand out of the rumor that this video heroine looks, arm tattoo position and pattern are quite distinct from Xu Geyang. For this suspected organized malicious attacks, the program group said it had reported to the police.


Zhang Ziyi micro-blog screenshot


who is currently not found rumors, but this incident, there is no doubt that in fact let Canxing "new song" and Chinese hot up again.

said that this year is a Hom canxing. Up to now, the program has aired three, the city of 52 ratings were 3.8%, 3.2%, 3.4%.

on the one hand, it will have to deal with from Tak, Talpa from time to time the bomb thrown out; on the other hand, model program into eye chariot, change the new choreography, new play live live fifth Marines from the chair… Every major, the details of the change, we must put a huge effort to Chan announced to the public, it is an absolutely original program.

this propaganda war with the general sense of the show is completely different." In an interview with entertainment capital, Canxing publicity director Lu Wei said, this is actually more like a blend of program publicity, business competition brand marketing strategy." The marketing program, only need to follow the program related things done, but this time, we want to predict the other possible action, once the other side have what happened, we must be the first time to respond."

compared to the season "The Voice of China", Canxing to N the first time in the "new song" China, such as the first stages of the event marketing, first let Jay Chou, Wang Feng and other four tutors gave their live debut, first introduced fifth large coffee mentors, mobile phone broadcast LIVE software selection cooperation "alternative students" and so on…

although the final effect may still need to explore, but for a walk to the fifth season, was renamed the program, Canxing means of marketing, is pushed to the limit: on the one hand, since we can not use the original logo vision system, then Canxing will not use it to absolutely original "mission; on the other hand, for the audience’s aesthetic weakness, it also needs some new stimulus.

and the current "new song" to take the marketing innovation, has become almost any want to do more than a quarter of the program, the best samples can be observed.

let Feng Xiaogang to shoot a promo for, itself is an event


July 6th, Zhejiang satellite TV announced the "2016 China good voice" changed its name to "China"

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