Stationmaster net broadcast 51 criticized net cash back rebate Sina adultury and fined 5 million 100

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1.51 net cash back rebate was criticized for 790 thousand full conversion to 12 years  

last July, the newspaper had "rebate network overlord terms blamed precipitation funds or millions" reported the existence of the rebate website industry unspoken rule and irregularities. However, more than half a year has passed, this phenomenon has not been fundamentally improved, but there is a growing trend.

yesterday (May 4th), Mr. Chen Hangzhou people to the "daily economic news" reporter reported, in February this year, 51 rebate network officially launched a campaign through the official Apple store shopping, including iPhone, iPad full range of products returned 10 times F coins (51 return enabling network virtual currency, 100F the coin worth 1 yuan).

2 what search hukouduoshi BAT domain name  

fully detonated war;

Before the

this year, UC Mobile launched jointly with the Alibaba "what" mobile search, directly to the blade pointing to the "overlord" battle for Baidu, fully detonated mobile search engine. Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and other competitors in the mobile Internet market will be more intense, the fight between the domain name also set off a storm without leaving a dead end.

"What is the"

UC released a new mobile search brand, according to the UC as chairman and chief executive officer Yu Yongfu introduced, named "what" is a discussion from the table: "what is mobile search? A student said," what is mobile search." Finally decided to use the name.

Deep throat: UC

3 dialogue had rejected Baidu’s $2 billion acquisition of  


this is a marriage to create China Internet acquisitions records.

mobile phone browser overlord UC, 5 years has refused to search overlord Baidu two huge offer. The conditions for the acquisition of concession holdings, Robin Li bid to the sincerity of the $2 billion. But in the end, Ma Baidu turned $1 billion 900 million take away other’s woman by force, eating 91 assistant.

love does not become enemies meet. Today, the two sides have to strike violently mobile search. That day, I call on the new battleground parties should be fair competition (blue next point concerns the title character after the view above), yuyongfu micro-blog publicly forwarded this article, claiming that "according to the rules of competition in the arena Chinese competition on the Internet can not be like the man, or to recognize! In the ring below the black hand!" Baidu’s old rival Zhou Hongyi is behind the sound of UC.

4 Sina jurisprudence fined $5 million 100 thousand share price this year, down 43% 

According to the Wall Street Journal reported that the Chinese Internet company Corp. (Sina) on Friday said the company was fined 5 million 100 thousand yuan ($815 thousand) for alleged dissemination of pornographic information by

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