Baidu default 1 years after 16WiFi get 300 million B round of financing

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today, the bus WiFi operator 16WiFi announced that the B round of financing nearing completion, has received 300 million yuan of financing.

needs to be pointed out that in June last year reported that Baidu took 100 million yuan A round of financing investment and 16WiFi news, but 16WiFi founder Qiu Zhaomin told Baidu, after signing the agreement funds has yet to account, delay the company’s financing process. Later, 16WiFi’s A round was completed in November 2015, by the brilliant science and Technology (stock code 002296), race investment, the first good investment joint venture, the amount of financing of $138 million.

"16WiFi" is not strange, can be seen on the bus in Beijing. Project logic is relatively simple, 16WiFi bus, subway and other B side to provide free WiFi services, including the deployment of hardware, C side passengers are also free to use. Profit from traffic distribution.

we recently in "koala network" received 200 million yuan B round of financing when written, in fact, the commercial Wi-Fi is not a new story, the leader in the field or Alibaba and Tencent. This track on 2014 C round of financing 160 million Mai Di, 2015 financing 120 million yuan of 100 meters life, Qihoo 360 to invest in the south of Silver Valley and so on. We realized the way either to do distribution channels, either through the WIFI probe, the overall direction, are relying on traffic business.

and 16WiFi obviously took a fancy to the natural flow of bus traffic entrance, with the low cost of passengers, the advantages of high efficiency.

however, commercial WiFi has done so for many years, is now facing a common problem: 4G has been very popular, the flow of charges is relatively not high, we generally do not carry large flow operation when outdoors, so the commercial WiFi really still prospect? In this regard, Qiu Zhao Min said, the user in the outdoors or rarely browse pictures and video, which shows that 4G is cheap but still not enough, and in public transport, than shopping malls, people in long-term "boring" state, so the commercial WiFi is still very necessary.

it is reported that, as the first formal operation of the city, Kunming in May 13th, the first batch of the number of buses opened 16WiFi nearly 2000 units, the average daily number of vehicles on the road nearly 1700 units. As of June 16th, the number of active users per day has reached 115.

Qiu Zhaomin said, 16WiFi will be in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Fuzhou, Foshan and other 9 cities on the line. 16WiFi >

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