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The judgment of objective facts by

is the basis for the planners to solve the problem.

Xie I plan to work for many years, a cigarette, a pen, a printed paper bound into a book, a computer and a pair of hands is not flexible, which I now work and all of life. Love this job planning, from childhood to "good, the pursuit of a dream, a thousand miles from the" calm smile, refers to the world, unrestrained life yearning. However, in reality, the "planning" was far less clear. Every day is a headache for you, from home appliances to food, from brand promotion to product marketing…… In the past few years, I have experienced the subject of large and small, not more than 100 cases of all walks of life.

four step problem solving

believes that the majority of planners work, generally from the beginning of the subject, of course, may also end from the subject. There is no denying that the solution is the core function of each planner, the customer needs, you need to solve the problem. Perhaps each person’s logic is not the same, the same method to solve the problem will naturally be different. In my experience value, to solve the problem generally have to go through four steps.

for example, the customer said he wanted to heaven, this is the customer needs. We generally solve the logic is the "four steps": the first step, to understand the way the heavens are diverse, you can take a plane, take a rocket, to say a joke, you can choose to commit suicide. So, you recommend a customer? The second step, if you choose the way Dutch act for customers, so how to Dutch act? Is to commit suicide, or the third step, if the cantilever? Is hanged himself, so in what place, what time, who is going to help you finish the work after the completion of the? The subject of the dismantling and said, solutions to the fourth step is the design of the system, which we often say to the creative design and implementation of planning, of course, is not the number of customer should pay bills written to forget.

four step work smoothly down, planning work is basically completed. The specific needs of different customers, but the idea of solving the problem is roughly similar. The logic is clear, thinking also seems very simple, but we have to focus on two key actions, one is to judge the facts on the basis of the problem based on a design solution based on professional basis. But in these two actions, planners often neglect, in this, the author will share their experience as follows.

won the "tainted glasses"

is the basis for the solution of the objective facts, it not only determines the precise definition of the customer facing the problem, but also seriously affect the scientific nature of the solution you design. In reality, a fault planners will often make is, love wearing "tainted glasses" to judge, no comprehensive analysis of objective facts, but only by virtue of their experience value are anxious to do subjective judgment.


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