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recently, the male sea Amoy platform XY announced that it has completed hundreds of millions of dollars A round of financing, the current round of joint investment by the Morningside capital and IDG. Founder Luo Xuan said, after the funds they will be in the main shopping guide content and import goods two force.


according to 36 krypton reported earlier, set up in April last year the "XY" is a cross-border electronic business platform to provide one-stop daily necessities for the male consumer solutions. Among them, most men buy shoes and bags, table three main categories, in addition to skin care products, digital 3C and long tail new products, market positioning in the end price of 600~1500 yuan.

XY believes that professional content will be the key to improve the online shopping experience. To this end, in November last year, the product revision, they will buy and see two things completely separated to improve the purity of the reading experience. Users can understand the fashion trends in the guide section, learn clothing collocation skills, the contents of the product will also provide links to the shopping guide, the contents of the XY own editorial team.

after the current round of financing, XY will continue to optimize the content of the shopping guide mechanism. Now open the "guide" can be found in the special and popular recommendation, XY will put content into the hitchhiker’s Guide to the style, footwear, accessories and other various outdoor sports, chest plate, convenient for the user to search according to demand.

in addition, last report Luo Xuan had said they will increase the proportion of import goods on the platform of the future, the sea Amoy goods will gradually reduce. The main purpose is to shorten the waiting time for users, which will be compared to the standard skin care products and 3C digital start.

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