An e commerce website diagnosis case and network promotion strategy

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friends to their units of the new e-commerce site, give some advice. So thick looked over, put forward some suggestions for diagnosis and network promotion strategy, and sorted out as follows:

(Note: we have great respect for the labor of our peers). The following comments are based solely on a professional point of view, purely as a recommendation, not as critical or otherwise. If you have different views on different views, please leave a message or send us an email.


first, the site diagnostic advice, how to improve the optimization of e-commerce website

1, improve the content and layout of the site, the appropriate network optimization. Web site optimization is to improve the layout of the site, from the external form to make it more humane and friendly; from the inside, making it easier to search engine search. Very strange now many people to the website construction and optimization of independence, we are often asked why the price is higher than the others, because we understand: the site should be considered reasonable, functional layout perfect, keywords settings rationality and so on at the beginning of the construction, to establish the marketing type website, which includes a lot of website optimization factors. But there are still a lot of Companies in the establishment of the site for the customer, do not consider this aspect, the results of the customer site after the search engine was found to be unable to search, had to spend money to optimize.

on this site, may the original program development time, many pages not set keyword and description (not to mention the keyword density), "has no static, with the view that the 1024 resolution scroll over width (you know now there are still 78% of users in the use of the resolution); part no ALT pictures and so on. These aspects need to be improved.

2, user-friendly function is necessary. For example, when looking at a product, point to join the collection when prompted not to log on, click to join the shopping cart actually did not move. These are very important errors that directly affect the customer experience. Standard practice should be clicked after the prompt page, tell the user is not registered, he can choose to log on or new registration.

3, product pictures and description. Taobao big seller in order to make a good product photos, even hired models and professional photographers, with products to Southeast Asia and even Africa to shoot, it is hard to imagine. Of course, we temporarily can not do this step, but at least we a hint: clear product pictures, detailed product information, rich shandongli language can help the network sales.

4, or a friendly interface of online advisory telephone: the left side of the page if necessary, should also be in close proximity to the right, does not affect the user’s perception. The words of the title words products should try to intercept, try not to use an ellipsis, looks very ugly page.

two, e-commerce website promotion strategy

as a new e-commerce website, at least from the following aspects.

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