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Ceng Qinghui is the first in the summer of 2015, in the Xujiahui school loan office, loft structure, graffiti wall, young faces, the typical Internet enterprise "signs". 70 after the emergence of Ceng Qinghui, a black T-shirt, a huge sandals, the face of a smile after a few seconds to stay awkwardly, it is a polite greeting. AC straight to the theme, had always listened to the side of the eyes shining, found a fit point, he would nod. Much more, the day to reach a cooperation.


then, we went to Tsinghua University, Peking University, together in Chengdu hot pot, slowly more understanding. Ceng Qinghui, a co-founder, wheat gold dress elite credit CEO title, in the eyes of students uncle NB, commenting on the CCTV program ", a guest post to post to" behind the hustle and bustle of fame is a silent angel.

guest QingChuang workshop, elite credit is the fourth time Ceng Qinghui venture, three times before the end but in different ways, the development trend of the business is full of expectations and imagination, but the entrepreneur’s identity and sense of mission has not faded, "entrepreneurship died after all, didn’t know how much this pain".

defeats Entrepreneurship: want to feel heart Dutch act

business is very tired, Ceng Qinghui in front of the camera, rub the eyes, there are some blood, break the topic into a memory. 16 years ago in the summer, Ceng Qinghui graduated from college to work in Shanghai, into a state-owned enterprise restructuring of listed companies do sales, a few years later to the insurance company, but also the call center.

is perhaps the Jiangxi people in the restless blood work, Ceng Qinghui played fiddle first venture, when business is still a niche topic. The starting point and then partner selection for a university in Shanghai to do EMBA, then the. A few years later, Ceng Qinghui returned to the University during his speech to downplay the experience, find out the market in Xiamen, spent time and resources, the results because the school management changes and come to naught.

in fact, more than the project stopped to let Ceng Qinghui sad and desperate, partner with thousands of dollars, only two people left, the old familiar number will never stop. "From that day on, there was no news of that man". Speak some banter, but I know the heart is very painful. Can not be bitter, the first venture failed

at that time, Ceng Qinghui had a very decadent, stay at home, play games, get girlfriend meal. Soon, Ceng Qinghui ushered in the second venture, and girlfriend after marriage, find a partner to do a Japanese restaurant. In order to get the business, Ceng Qinghui will find out in advance the spending habits of Japanese guests and time points, so that his wife in the Japanese guests must go through a lot of business. Memories of this period, Ceng Qinghui will be his wife with apologies and gratitude.

exchange and conversation from the emergence of the "wife" frequency, Ceng Qinghui family concept is very strong. In Sichuan, Chengdu

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