Gome shelling Jingdong Taobao electric machine copycat Rampage

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home appliance electronic products due to more features, more models, different materials, such as rampant cottage machines, consumers are also facing low-cost traps in online shopping. 3· 15 is approaching, the United States yesterday blasted Taobao Jingdong and other electricity providers, said the existence of false discount and three party fakes and other hazards, and said that "the United States is not afraid to challenge, if not to challenge the US business".


yesterday, the United States general manager Wang Junzhou even for media exposure and electricity supplier fake luxury CCTV exposure 9 business platform selling fake news. Electronic business platform that the third party to sell their own responsibility does not exist, but for obvious fakes, the platform can not shirk the responsibility."

Gome specializing in the sale of mobile phones and electronic business platform for the purchase of mobile phone comparison. For example, in the packaging of genuine Samsung note4, genuine back marked with a complete product information model, production address, and phone manufacturers customer service website, and the information is a serious lack of copycat products; product configuration, fake and shoddy products of the screen and the front camera is too small, the screen color is not full." United States staff said. For consumers sought after iPhone 6, a purely electronic business platform for the sale of cottage products is a lot of problems. Such as copycat product packaging box slightly longer, on the back of the box were introduced to English, and genuine is in English and some copycat products; for Apple products, but Android internal use system, the screen response speed is very slow; in addition, the charger plug for genuine head, copycat products are square, round the metal plug hole, and above English is introduced. However, consumers choose to buy online, it is difficult to identify these pictures alone details."

Wang Junzhou said that behind the repeated exposure and complaints online shopping platform selling issues continue to soar, showing its short board can not fully meet the consumer demand. For consumers, the line under the store, online electricity supplier or mobile terminal has no boundaries and the order of the points, the free conversion of the scene is the future trend of retail. While some high-end products, such as smart Home Furnishing, sales of home appliances more cannot do without real experience.

from March 13th to March 15th, in the more than 1 thousand and 600 home appliances Gome and Dazhong and Yongle stores, will be held in the United States "black Friday" shopping activities. The United States says, hope this will become the largest consumer shopping festival China rights Festival, destabilize the line". If the United States sells the commodity price is higher than the mainstream business platform (excluding seckill, no cheap goods, such as marketing gimmick, limited group purchase cheap goods), consumers can be awarded 500 yuan, while the United States promised 100% authentic goods.

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