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1 carat bare diamond, in the traditional jewelry store, priced at about $100 thousand, while the diamond bird, the price is about RMB 50 thousand yuan. Can be cheaper than the traditional jewelry brand 50%, but also a profit, the back of the diamond bird is the Internet this tree. And customers can choose their own right on the Internet, the concept of the bare diamond, and even their own design sketches, so that the design of the diamond bird will become a reality. If you feel that the service provided by the network is not real enough, customers can also choose to Beijing, Shanghai and other 10 cities in the country to open the experience of the diamond bird shop to personally choose money or try to wear. In each experience store, customers are able to get a one to one service provided by diamond bird jewelry consultant.

"shop price, club services." As a diamond bird joint CEO, founder, Xu Xiao summed up.

as a diamond brand was born on the Internet, diamond birds rely on a very low price of the killer to conquer the customer, so that the diamond is an expensive category in the Internet sales possible. And in it on the Internet to become the first brand of diamond, diamond bird but from the Internet into the net, set up shop experience, with the reality in the network in its own unique shape arranged in a crisscross pattern, growth path.


in Shanghai East Road, Nanjing International Plaza, the 18 floor, when the company next door after work, diamond bird opened here in the experience of the store has ushered in the busiest time of day. With the most jewelry brand stores in crowded downtown area but still in a deserted house, dwelling in the office building of the diamond bird popularity is very busy. Especially on weekends, due to try or buy diamond jewelry customers too much, or even like banks Paihao customers.

buy diamond jewelry customer demand is very clear, and the experience of the store’s customers are mostly guided by the Internet, so the turnover rate is very high." Xu Xiao said. From the sales point of view, the current experience in Shanghai, Hong Yi International Plaza is equivalent to the size of the traditional jewelry brand 30 -50 stores. The positive interaction between the shop and the store, is rewriting the rules of the game in the traditional jewelry industry.

2002, Xu Xiao set up shop on eBay for diamond jewelry customization service. For e-commerce is still in its infancy, this is a bold attempt. Diamond jewelry price is high, while in the e-commerce market in credit system and payment system is not complete, Xu Xiao started very difficult. The first diamond bird client is a Harbin radio host, after several months of communication with Xiao Xu, she bought two pieces of diamond jewelry with 3000 yuan, while the market price of 8000 yuan -1 million yuan.

the emergence of the Internet, reducing the cost of channel between customers and products. The customized services provided by Xu Xiao, but also to solve the problem of the jewelry industry universal inventory.

traditional diamond brand basically follow the consistent development path of consumer products. Shop, distribution.

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