Domain analysis failure or due to foreign hackers attack

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domain name resolution

      site domain name analysis errors lead to large-scale disconnection of the network; the world’s 13 root servers in the United States in the United States, China has no control over 10.  

yesterday afternoon, the national DNS domain name analysis system has a wide range of access failures, the country more than half of the site to varying degrees in different regions, different network access failure. The fault is a network of technical failure, or hacker attacks, Internet users visit these sites will encounter what risks, how to deal with



target site had hacking behavior

network security experts said that the site can not be accessed because of the site domain name error.

Baidu Inc, a technical analyst believes that the existence of a number of domain name resolution errors. First, hackers attack foreign root servers caused by the domain name of the domestic server contaminated. Two is due to the data transmission network nodes, nodes may also become the target of attack. But if the attack nodes, the attack is special, "the attackers neither figure nor profit, but did not point to a specific content of the IP address." Three hackers in the attack on a single site, because the node is more, leading to node pollution thus affecting the entire network.

In addition to

, there are hackers to attack the domestic operators and network firewalls, or domestic network operators due to a fault caused by faulty operation.

360 sites guards official Dong Fang explained that the failure was due to one or two problems of level 13 units in the global DNS the highest root name server which is "probably the human factor, do not rule out the hacker attack".

is reported that the failure of a large number of sites to be resolved to the IP is the United States North Carolina town of Dynamic Internet Technology. According to the record, the IP had been hacking behavior.


why mobile Internet is not affected?

access to the Internet, to go through a URL to IP conversion process, this process is achieved by accessing the Internet domain name system (DNS), which is the domain name server to complete the.

root domain name server is the highest level of domain name server in DNS, there are only 13 servers in the world. The 13 root servers, root servers and 9 root servers in the United States, the remaining 3 units, 2 units in Europe, 1 in japan. Currently, the internet name and digital address allocation mechanism (ICANN) fully managed DNS.

IT, senior media people Miao Yang told the Beijing News reporter said that in terms of the root name servers, ICANN play the role of coordination and management, each agency management > root domain respectively.

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