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computer school (www.itxuetang.cn) today pumpkin Webmaster Station invited me to write comments, he told me that the site is the main face of the primary intermediate computer user, I looked at it and I can’t see him understand how the future business, how to make money at the same time, I found a lot of personal website though proficient in the network, but do not understand the website system project marketing knowledge, site management is also to follow the marketing rule, so the initiation of the idea of writing this article, this article send all the personal webmaster want to make money. The following 33 questions, each question is 3 points, all answer a plus. Each question is very clear and able to write 3 points, basically understand but not write a good 2 points, do not fully understand the 1 points, do not understand the point. 60 points when the webmaster to learn, 70 points to continue to improve the development of the 80, you can do a good job of 90. 100 minutes, quickly join the site review group of observation, I’m waiting for you here.

1, the content of your web site is not the content of the Internet users now need to be able to gradually guide users to accept the content of this website is the demand analysis.

2, what kind of people do you see on the web site? What are the common features of this group of people, this is the market segmentation?

3, how big is your site’s target market, whether it is mature, the future prospects of development, whether you have the ability to meet market demand and achieve the target profit?.

4, your website industry will be the future of those policy and environmental changes, what competitors will appear?.

5, how to show the difference between your website and other peer sites to your target users? What kind of image are you ready to set up in the minds of the target users?. For example, the creation of a wonderful network (www.miaochuang.com) is committed to the introduction of creative sites, the site’s Web site creative ideas.

6, how are you going to spread and continue to enhance your website image?.

7, what is the specific needs of your site’s target groups, what are the features and services you are going to integrate to meet their needs?.

8, you can understand your lover as a breath to say your website project concept which have several characteristics?.

9, do you know your target users to search and use the psychological and behavioral patterns of this kind of website?.

10, how to develop new features and promote different activities on your website? This is your creative mechanism and website development strategy.

11, how to deal with the site name, domain name, web site theme of the relationship between the three? How to make your target users a look to understand your net >

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