China’s top 500 companies released Alibaba first list

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Chinese hearing by the Federation of enterprises "compiled 2015 China 500 list released today, Sinopec to 2 trillion and 890 billion yuan of total revenue for eleventh consecutive years, ranking top in the oil, national grid respectively to the total revenue of 2 trillion and 730 billion yuan, 2 trillion and 90 billion yuan in two or three. List of the top 19 state-owned enterprises.

is worth mentioning, and ranked fourth in the industrial and Commercial Bank (the total revenue of 1 trillion and 30 billion yuan), a total of four companies with revenues of more than trillion, called super enterprise, at the same time, this is the first commercial bank total revenue exceeded 1 trillion.

"2015 China top 500 enterprises" total revenue reached $59 trillion and 500 billion, equivalent to 63 trillion and 400 billion of China’s GDP in 2014 of 93.8%. Finalists threshold increased to 23 billion 610 million yuan, an increase of only $750 million, an increase of the lowest in 5 years.

billion yuan of large enterprise groups continue to expand

2015 Chinese enterprises in the top 500, operating income of more than 100 billion yuan a total of 144.

from the distribution of ownership, the 144 companies, including 66 central state-owned enterprises, local state-owned enterprises, the 26 private enterprises;


from the industry distribution, mainly in the financial (20 insurance, banking and financial holding companies (13), coal, iron and steel enterprises) (13 companies), cars (9 companies), construction (9 companies), power grid (7 companies), oil (5 companies) industry (5 companies), real estate (3) and other traditional areas, has emerged in the Internet field 1 (Jingdong).

regional distribution is obviously uneven Eastern accounted for the largest

in the top 500 enterprises in the list, including the Bohai sea, the Pan Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Haixi Economic Zone, the eastern region occupies 364 seats, the northeast and the most recent attention, only 19 companies in the list. In addition, 2015 Chinese companies in the top 30 provinces and autonomous regions in the distribution of the autonomous region, only Tibet no enterprise list.

total tax growth rate declined

2015 Chinese enterprises, the total paid a total of $3 trillion and 980 billion in tax revenue, compared with the previous year, the top 500 companies to pay a total of $3 trillion and 880 billion, an increase of $2.58%, an increase of four consecutive years of decline.

2015 Chinese enterprises in the top 500, there are more than 10 billion yuan of tax revenue of more than $76, the total tax of $3 trillion and 100 billion, accounting for 500 of the total tax revenue of 77.9% companies in the oil, banking, tobacco and other fields. Among them, the tax amount of more than 100 billion yuan, there are 4, respectively, in the oil (2014 tax amount of $407 billion 40 million), Sinopec (330 billion 720 million yuan), the national Power Grid Corp ($138 billion 320 million), ICBC

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