Online selling fake monkey mouth profit 800 thousand shop two partner arrested

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in addition to the appearance of color difference, the trademark of " mouth monkey " different (left.).


Zhao is being interrogated by the police.

Jiaozhou Zhao and Xiemou partnership shop, selling fake monkey mouth clothing, business is booming, more than half a year from the "three diamond" upgraded to "three crown". August 17th, Chengyang police arrested two people and another four people involved. According to the review, the two have been sold for about $2 million worth of more than 2 pieces of counterfeit clothing, illegal profits of more than 80 yuan.

clothing shop selling business fire

this year, 26 year old Zhao is a person in Jiaozhou, in 2007, when he was reading sophomore in Beijing opened a shop called the heart of clothing with you, after the invitation to join the villagers xiemou. "In October 2011, a woman claiming to do the clothing supply Lee take the initiative to find me in Shanghai, can be said that the supply of ‘mouth monkey’ dress." August 22nd morning, the reporter saw Zhao in Chengyang detention center, he told reporters that he went into a few samples found that the quality is good, began selling. Because the price is cheap, sales surge, Zhao also hired three customer service personnel and a driver. By May 2012, Zhao shop from the three diamond upgrade to the crown of the three".

Zhao said in an interview, he also questioned the sale of monkey mouth clothing is false, but to see a lot of people selling counterfeit clothing, no seriously.

is busy police clearance end nest

reporter by the Chengyang police was informed that in May 2012, Shanghai police destroyed the local fake monkey mouth apparel production dens. After the incident, Zhao returned in Beijing of Haidian District City, rent a house, in Chengyang to find a factory when the warehouse and office space. "Here in Chengyang rent cheaper, logistics is relatively well developed," Zhao said that Shanghai and the "Paul" incident, has been put into the goods back through the logistics, but there have been unable to find people, goods quickly.

as soon as possible to obtain working capital, Zhao began markdowns. At this time, the Chengyang police in July this year by the Shanghai police that there are a lot of fake monkey mouth clothing is sent from Chengyang, Mopai investigation. August 17th at 12 am, in a building in Liuting Street Yangjiabu in the community, four staff Zhao, Xiemou and hired are busy, the police broke into the house, six were on the spot control.

currently, six people suspected of selling counterfeit registered trademarks of goods, according to criminal detention. According to the review, two were sold in 10 months about $2 million worth of fake monkey mouth more than 2 pieces of clothing, illegal profits more than 80 yuan.

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