3Q will follow the maximum penalty of 1 million illegal wars

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yesterday, the Ministry issued the "Interim Measures for the supervision and administration of Internet information service market order (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"), from now until February 14, 2011 to seek the views of the public.

"measures" in the special provisions, "Internet enterprises shall not fabricate and spread false facts, or malicious slander competitors; without justifiable reasons, not legitimate products or services to make their implementation is not compatible; not to cheat, to induce the user to make a choice, or uninstall other legal products; shall not disturb the opponent the product or service operation. Any violation of the above provisions shall be imposed on a fine of not less than 100 thousand yuan and not more than 1 million yuan; if the circumstances are serious, it shall be ordered to suspend business for rectification.

360, Tencent and Jinshan and other companies yesterday in an interview with the Chengdu Business Daily reporter, said it would firmly support the new provisions of the Ministry of industry.

industry observers believe that in November last year, the outbreak of 3Q war reflects the lack of national legislation. Now the ministry launched the "measures", and public comment, "cheerful".

shall not force the user to uninstall the legitimate product


specified in the "measures" including acts of unfair competition: fabricating and spreading false facts, or malicious slander competitors provide legitimate products or services, to damage competitors business reputation or product reputation; without justifiable reasons, legitimate products or services to make their implementation is not compatible with other operators by human; the existing legal factors and provide products or services are not compatible, not objectively prompts to the user, or deceive, induce users to choose other operators; the user terminal provides the interference method of the product or service, or legal products or services provided by other operators to modify the content, or the legitimate product or service intercept other operators to provide information; by any means to mislead or deceive, forcing users to uninstall or close it His legitimate products or services.

in addition, "method" regulation, there are objections of safety, privacy protection, the quality of Internet business to other company’s products or service, shall be submitted to the third party authority for testing, evaluation and self-organization shall publish the evaluation results. Those who violate this regulation may also be fined not less than 100 thousand yuan but not more than 1 million yuan.

pop-up window will have a clear limit

the "measures" of the draft of the "pop-up" has made the request, the Internet information service provider in the user terminal pop-up ads or other information window, should provide a clear mark off or out of the window to the user. When the user closes or exits the window, the window of the same content can not be ejected again without any justifiable reason.

in addition, the "procedures" also stipulates that Internet companies shall not be allowed without the user installation, operation, upgrade and uninstall software; prohibited without the permission of the user to modify the user on the machine configuration requirements; and the software or services provided ">

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