Cancel the order brewmaster network was sentenced to breach of contract

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last year, Ms. Wan "shuangshier" consumers from brewmaster network orders to buy 170 bottles of the Yanghe River blue classic blue sky white, but 20 minutes after being told out of order cancellations.

consumer registration ID, brewmaster network in the user registration agreement unilaterally asked: "you have the right to agree, brewmaster network decided solely for any reason without prior notice to suspend, terminate all or part of the shop platform service to you, and not to you or any third party any responsibility."

but Ms. Wan after the prosecution, the court of Nanchang County in Jiangxi province still think brewmaster network behavior belongs to breach of contract, should be delivered to consumers of liquor.

rights process

spend more than 20 thousand to buy liquor after the order was canceled

minutes 20

December 12, 2014 is "shuangshier" that day, Ms. Wan in the pat Network Platform brewmaster net official flagship store took 42° the Yanghe River blue classic blue sky 480 ml of this wine.

in the brewmaster net official flagship store, this wine for the price of 129 yuan per bottle, the price is very favorable. Ms. Wan a total of 170 orders to buy a bottle, paid $21930 on the site.

after the completion of the payment of about 20 minutes, Ms. Wan and then view the order, found that the payment of the completion of the two orders were canceled, and marked the goods can not be shipped out of stock".

cannot accept Ms. Wan, contact brewmaster network, but brewmaster network answer can not be satisfied with her, but claimed that the brewmaster network no goods, cancellations, money to Ms. Wan’s account.

Ms. Wan believes that this wine does not show sold out or out of stock in the brewmaster network official flagship store, she confirmed the order and payment, and the seller has agreed to pay for her, businesses should be shipped. Businesses unilaterally inform the cancellation of orders, is not responsible for consumers.

with the brewmaster network repeatedly communicate to no avail, Ms. wan to Jiangxi province Nanchang County court brewmaster network of e-commerce Limited by Share Ltd, requested the court to order the defendant to continue to fulfill orders, timely delivery of goods.

multiple screenshots online as evidence to the court

to support their claims, Ms. wan to the court to provide some evidence of their own collection.

which includes goods on the site show screenshots, detailed information of goods on display in the brewmaster network online pat.

she orders in the pat Network, that she in December 12, 2014 in the brewmaster net official flagship store shopping platform to buy 170 bottles of the blue sky, and the unit and total price, the purchase of "display goods, order.

and refund shots, that she orders in the brewmaster network being suspended trading due to shortages; industrial and Commercial Bank of electronic bank receipt printing, to prove her through online caifutong two pay for the purchase of wine.

: brewmaster network refund should be regarded as a contract.

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